Kenya Moore's Ex-Boyfriend Reveals That She May Have Lied About Breakup For 'RHOA’

Mary Jane

Kenya Moore is currently a single woman, as she's cut all communication with her ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan. Kenya kept saying that Matt was a perfect match for her and the two appeared to be doing well. Jordan was planning on moving into her Atlanta home that she had been building, and the two were thinking about raising a child together -- a child that Kenya had planned out through IVF. But when the two went to Mexico for Memorial Day, something went wrong. And it sounds like the Real Housewives of Atlanta producers were present.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Kenya Moore's ex-boyfriend is now calling her out for lying about their breakup. While filming the show, Kenya and Jordan went to Mexico to celebrate their relationship, and something went wrong. They got into a fight, and Kenya posted a picture on Instagram of her broken sunglasses. She hinted that Matt had gotten physical with her and had broken her sunglasses.

Kenya also hinted that Matt had tried to break in the hotel door and that she was scared. And her random posts on Instagram, which have since been deleted, did hint that Matt had become this violent person.

Without realizing that Moore was posting about him being violent, Jordan issued a statement saying that he was sorry about what had happened and that he was blaming himself completely for what happened. But he didn't realize that Kenya Moore was making him out to be this violent person with a clear anger problem. After learning that she was possibly lying about it, he decided to call Moore out on Instagram in a post that is protected on his account.

"The truth was the motive behind the post. Taking complete responsibility for the failure of the relationships, in an attempt to not have the finger be pointed at Kenya as it has many times before me. That obviously backfired. Miss Moore unfortunately gave an inaccurate account of our vacation in Mexico to one of the producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Which of course was either strategy or a tactical error by a 30-year veteran," Matt revealed about Kenya Moore in his post on Instagram, revealing that he feels tricked by her.

Jordan does want to believe that Kenya Moore was just upset and driven by her emotions during that time, but it sounds like he does have his doubts about her. It's no secret that Moore is known for twisting stories and making herself out to be the victim. This was something that happened with Walter Jackson when Kenya first joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It would be hard to believe that Kenya would fake this breakup for the show and hint that Jordan is a violent person if he truly isn't.

What do you think of Kenya Moore's decision to ignore Matt's calls? Do you think this will play out on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

[Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images]