Moe Wahdan’s Twitter: Cavs Fan Calls 3-Year-Old Riley Curry A F*****, Curses At Steph’s Sister Sydel

Paula Mooney - Author

Jun. 9 2016, Updated 3:20 p.m. ET

A guy named Moe Wahdan is certainly getting loads of attention on his Twitter account. It all began with a simple tweet from Sydel Curry, Steph’s sister, on Wednesday, June 8. That’s when Sydel wrote that she was on her way to Cleveland to watch the Golden State Warriors play the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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As reported by Yahoo, Wahdan was a Cavs fan who used the opportunity to verbally attack the Curry Family, including hurling a homophobic insult at 3-year-old Riley Curry. The screenshot from the Twitter account called Warriors World shows how Moe told Sydel and the entire Curry Family to “get the f*** out of Cleveland and take Riley’s f***** a** with you.”

They are quite shocking words to read, especially considering the insults hurled at a 3-year-old child. Before long, Twitter users discovered that Wahdan worked at an Ohio real estate firm called the Holton-Wise Property Group, as reported by Mashable.

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Before long, Holton-Wise found themselves apologizing for their employee’s behavior. Make that former employee, because in the same tweet issuing a mea culpa for Moe’s words, Holton-Wise reported that Wahdan has been fired.

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As seen in the top photo above, Steph hugs his mother, Sonya Curry, and sister, Sydel Curry, who is 21 and was the source of the verbal attacks on Twitter from Moe. Steph’s grandmother also appears in the photo, which was taken during a halftime ceremony to honor Steph’s father.

Dell Curry had a basketball career with the Charlotte Hornets, and Steph followed in his dad’s ball-playing footsteps. The photo was taken on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, in Charlotte, North Carolina. That day, Golden State won 116-99 — however, on Wednesday, June 8, the Warriors did not beat the Cavs.

In the Cavaliers versus Warriors Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the Cavs finished with 120 points to the Warriors’ mere 90 points. With the Warriors leading the series two games to one, the fans of both teams are looking forward to Game 4 on Friday, June 10, in Cleveland at the beloved “Q” Arena.

Meanwhile, Moe continues to tweet away, even if Wahdan deleted the initial tweet against Steph’s sister and daughter. Moe credits his tweet with helping the Cavs win and getting in Steph’s head to make him perform poorly during Wednesday’s game. Wahdan has even tweeted that Sydel blocked him on Twitter.

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Moe also continues to tweet offensive things about 3-year-old Riley and Steph. Very active on Twitter, Wahdan is receiving a bunch of varying comments. Some folks are wondering why Moe’s Twitter account hasn’t been shut down, what with Moe’s hate speech against a little girl. For adults to receive a bad comment here and there is one thing, but for Twitter users to see the words written against a 3-year-old is a whole new level of hate indeed.

On Facebook, Moe is a popular search term, with a variety of reactions to Wahdan flowing into that social networking site as well.

A sampling of the reactions on social media to Moe’s Twitter tweet can be found below.

Blockquote open

“This guy told me we’re taking it too far. We didn’t start in on a TODDLER.”

“He literally called a 3-year-old a gay slur that cost him his job…and he says ‘he made it.’ Wow…”

“U went in on his 3-year-old daughter (not Steph)…and called her a homosexual slur. The f*** is wrong with you?”

“This dude Moe Wahdan is and idiot. I hope Steph goes off Fri….”

“Aaanddd…dude deletes it. If you’re gonna try go twitter gangsta, at least have the b****s to leave your tweets on your TL.”

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[Photo by AP Photo/Nell Redmond]


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