June 9, 2016
Mindy Kaling Sets The Record Straight On Chris Messina's Scaled Back Role On 'The Mindy Project'

Fans of The Mindy Project were flipping out when it was announced that star Chris Messina would be scaled back for the upcoming season. Messina plays Mindy Kaling's on and off love interest on the show. Currently, the two are not together on the show, but Messina is still a fan favorite.

Recently, Mindy Kaling set the record straight on reports that Messina wouldn't be a series regular for the upcoming season.

According to E!, who spoke with Kaling, the actress said the following of Messina's role in the show.

"When people hear that, I think that they sometimes get worried that they're not going to see him, but he was in these past 13 episodes very frequently and they share a child, so I don't want to scare people off about him not being in the show because the character is built into the fabric of the show, especially as the father of Mindy's child."
She continued.
"People will not miss Danny because he's going to be there. We would never do that to the audience, so people don't have to worry about it."
As some may know, Chris Messina was busy filming Ben Affleck's new film, Live By Night, so that might be the reason behind his disappearance from the series. Still, that didn't stop people from their sadness over the news.As the Inquisitr reported, Mindy Kaling spoke about the changes on Season 4 now that Mindy is a mom. On the Today show, Kaling said the following.
"We will get some answers but it won't be neat. It's not my style. She loves drama and I think she's one of those people who thinks she doesn't like it, but she likes drama. "
She continued.
"We sometimes are a little unfair in the way we portray mothers in that they can't have sexy or fun lives. All my friends who had kids, their lives have only gotten funnier and more interesting. I think single mothers out there who have really interesting funny dating lives. I thought it would be fun to explore it."
Back in March of 2015, Messina opened up to Glamour on how life is different for his character Danny, and how he would be as a father.
"I think he'll be loving. I think he's one of these guys where he didn't picture himself as a dad, and now he's in it, and I think he's going to calm down and find peace with it. I actually think he's not going to want to go to work and be a stay-home dad instead."
Of the storyline, Messina said the following.
"I just thought it was really ballsy of her and the show, and I like that. I thought it was unique. You have to write what's good and what excites you, and this story line excited them, and I'm all for whatever that is. I thought it was ballsy."
Will you still watch The Mindy Project even though Chris Messina won't be on Season 5 as much?

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