June 9, 2016
'Game Of Thrones' Spoilers: What To Expect In Season 6, Episode 8 'No One'

Game of Thrones Season 6 is quickly winding down, and with only three more episodes to go before the long countdown to Season 7 begins, fans are desperate for any news and spoilers about what's to come. Now that the trailer for Episode 8, titled "No One," has been released, viewers are getting an idea of what to expect on Sunday night.

According to Winter Is Coming, it looks like Game of Thrones fans are in for yet another exciting episode filled with some crazy fights, war strategy, and much more.

In the trailer, a few different scenes are shown, and breaking them all down makes it easier to understand what to expect during Episode 8, "No One."

Game of Thrones viewers will see Cersei Lannister finally have her trial, which she plans to win by using combat, and having The Mountain fight for her. It seems Lancel Lannister is the sparrow chosen to collect Cersei for her trial, but he may come to regret that honor if The Mountain has anything to do with it. Cersei tells Lancel that she chooses violence, and later in the trailer, The Mountain is seen doing some damage to the Sparrows.

game of thrones spoilers season 6, episode 8
[Image via HBO]Over in Riverrun, Cersei's brother, Jaime Lannister, is still trying to take back the castle from The Blackfish in the name of Walder Frey. Brienne will arrive to deliver a letter from Sansa to Blackfish, who won't be very interested in his niece's request to fight for Winterfell.

Later, Game of Thrones fans will see old pals Brienne and Jaime reunite, and find out they are on opposing ends of this current battle. Brienne tells Jaime that if a fight occurs that she'll fight for the Tully family, but it appears that Jaime may try to use Brienne's feelings for him to his advantage. Later, Jaime is seen telling someone that he loves Cersei and will do anything to return home to King's Landing with her.

It appears that viewers will get a lot of content in Riverrun during Season 6, Episode 8, and Brienne and Jaime will take center stage. Many fans believe this episode will be a major setup episode for the events of the final two episodes of the season.

Over in Braavos, Game of Thrones watchers will see what has become of Arya Stark after she was brutally stabbed in the stomach multiple times by The Waif. When last fans saw Arya she was bleeding through the streets of Braavos, but in the trailer she appears to be doing a bit better as she runs, and jumps off buildings, in order to escape The Waif, who is likely trying to kill her yet again.

game of thrones spoilers season 6, episode 8
[Image via HBO]Can Arya just get on her ship and return home to Westeros already? Game of Thrones viewers have been waiting for her to reunite with her family, especially sister, Sansa. If she gets home in time she could possibly see Sansa, who may be hiding a big secret, and Jon take Winterfell, which four of the five remaining Stark children could make their home yet again.

Now that viewers know that The Hound is still alive, they'll see him leave the once peaceful place he called home to avenge the deaths of his group members and friends. The Hound is seen wielding an ax in the trailer, and it appears that he could have gone after The Brotherhood to kill them as revenge.

Last, but not least, Game of Thrones fans will be transported back to Meereen. After a week without Tyrion Lannister, viewers are dying to know what's next for the fan favorite character. It appears that Daenerys is headed back home to rule with her favorite dragon, Drogon, so Tyrion will only have to hold the fort down a little while longer.

Meanwhile, in the trailer, something is causing a chandelier to shake. Could it be the dragons he released, Dany returning home with Drogon, or the people of Meereen rioting? It's unclear, but fans can't wait to find out.

What are your thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones spoilers for Season 6, Episode 8, "No One?"

[Image via HBO]