‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7: 5 Things Already Known

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is almost here, and while various hints and teases have been given, there are still many factors unknown. The premiere airs on June 21, and here are five things fans already — or at least should already — know.

The first is that numerous actors will be coming back to the show. Drew Van Acker is already confirmed, as The Inquisitr has reported. He will reprise his role as Jason DiLaurentis, but the reason for his return is unknown. There will be an interesting scene with him, his sister and his aunt Mary Drake at dinner.

Jenna and Noel are also returning, and it looks like Jenna is out for revenge. Could they help to identify A.D.?

The second thing known is that A.D. and Uber A are the same person. They are definitely not Mary Drake or Elliot Rollins, who have another plan for the Liars to get revenge for Charlotte. A.D is likely Charlotte’s killer and wants to get rid of the Pretty Little Liars before they identify him or her.

There are many theories surrounding A.D.’s identity. Some Pretty Little Liars fans believe that it will be Wren, who will have worked with Elliot Rollins and is possibly Charlotte’s brother. Others believe that Andrew will make a reappearance and turn out to be connected to Charlotte in some way.

MTV gives another thing known about the upcoming season. The Liars have a deadline to deliver what he wants, or Hanna will be killed. The Pretty Little Liars Season 7 premiere is “Tick Tock, B*****s,” and the trailer shows that it is a race against time to save whoever the girl is hanging from the bell tower.

Hanna’s fate is currently unknown, but the Season 7 promo poster hints that she could be gone. A #SaveHanna campaign is happening on social media, especially with the possibility that the blonde hanging from the tower is the Liar.

One of the Liars will get married this season. It is unknown who, and there is plenty of speculation. If it wasn’t for Hanna and Caleb being honest with each other at the end of Season 6, many would have believed Hanna would be marrying her fiancé. If Hanna makes it out alive, is it possible that Caleb will leave Spencer for his ex-girlfriend?

However, now it looks like it could be Aria. Lucy Hale has said that her character will need to make a big decision that will change her life, and it will be something romantic. Aria and Ezra hooked up at the end of Season 6, despite Aria dating Liam. Has the hookup reignited their flame, or will Liam propose and Aria accept?

Finally, Wren may return to Pretty Little Liars. Julian Morris has said on Twitter that his character will return before the end. Others are yet to confirm this, including Marlene King and Freeform. His announcement has given the initial rumors of Wren being A.D. more fuel. Since Elliot revealed that his accent was really a British one, there were many who suspected that Elliot and Wren know each other somehow.

There are still many things unknown about Pretty Little Liars Season 7. Like the break with Game of Thrones, this hiatus has been taken up with “is Hanna dead?” That will not be answered right away — and definitely not in the trailers or promos — so it is time to focus on the things that are known. Pretty Little Liars will return to Freeform on June 21, where the time will start running out for the Liars to save their friend.

[Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images]