‘Once Upon A Time’ Stars Ginnifer Goodwin And Josh Dallas Welcome New Baby

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Jun. 9 2016, Updated 1:42 a.m. ET

Once Upon a Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas play husband and wife on the series, starring as Snow White and her Prince Charming, but off camera, the real life couple are living a storybook romance of their own. Goodwin and Dallas just welcomed a new baby into their family, and the Once Upon a Time actors couldn’t be happier to share the news about their fresh, new bundle of joy.

Once Upon A Time Stars Ginnifer Goodwin And Josh Dallas Share Some Happy News

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Ginnifer and Josh revealed that they welcomed Hugo Wilson Dallas into their family on June 1, though this isn’t their first son. The Once Upon a Time couple previously added Oliver Finlay Dallas to their growing family, so Goodwin and her husband now have two growing boys to look after. The birth of Hugo doesn’t come as a surprise to Goodwin’s Once Upon a Time fans, because she revealed early in November interviews that she and Josh were expecting their second child. It wasn’t long before Goodwin began to show a growing baby bump.

Ginnifer reveals that there has been some pretty big differences with her second pregnancy, compared to the way she did things with carrying Hugo. The Once Upon a Time actress reveals that she and Dallas wanted to keep everything personal and hands on with the first pregnancy but ultimately found that it wore them both down. For her second pregnancy, Goodwin says they took the advice of others and hired help.

“We thought, ‘That’s too L.A. for us,’ so we went real hippy-dippy,” the Once Upon a Time actress says of hiring help. “This time we’re going at it Downton Abbey-style—staffing up—like a nanny and an under-nanny.”

“We were really DIY about it,” Ginnifer says of Hugo’s birth. “He [Josh] delivered the baby.”

Josh Dallas Never Played Doctor Until Hugo Came Along

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Ginnifer told Jimmy Kimmel that Josh delivered their first son, but that was something he hasn’t even played with in his acting career. The Once Upon a Time couple were charting new territory with their first child in more ways than one and, although Josh was cautioned against delivering the baby himself, he was insistent that he wanted to do that to bond more closely with Goodwin. Both of the Once Upon a Time actors were told that most husbands don’t “go south of the border” during the delivery process for a reason.

Ginnifer reveals that, although the hospital did allow Dallas to deliver Hugo, the physician remained in the room and coached him through the process.

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“He just stepped aside and was like, ‘And now Josh…’ Most women don’t let their husbands south of the headboard, right? But he still makes babies with me, so…”

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One might think Goodwin and Dallas prepared for the moment, planning out just how Josh would deliver the baby, but Goodwin reveals that nothing prepared them. They just jumped right in as a spur of the moment kind of thing.

“We didn’t even watch YouTube videos. I mean, the doctor was supervising. The doctor was in the room,” the Once Upon a Time actress said. “They didn’t even make him wear gloves.”

For her first pregnancy, Once Upon a Time producers wrote Ginnifer’s condition into the plot of the series, but the actress reveals that the showrunners didn’t want to do that a second time. Instead, Goodwin was directed to stand behind large items to conceal her baby bump throughout the season.

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“I told them there should be a curse of babies. A fertility curse! Everyone is pregnant! Instead they just stick me [behind things]. I’m always carrying paintings or just standing in bushes.”

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The season 6 premiere of Once Upon a Time is scheduled to air in October on ABC.

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