‘Dexter’ Actress Says Ending Was ‘Inadequate,’ Did ‘Dexter’ Inspire A Shocking Real-Life Murder?

Dexter actress Charlotte Rampling, who played Dr. Evelyn Vogel on the Showtime series, has criticized the way showrunners decided to end the show, according to the Daily Express.

The veteran actress has agreed with the majority of Dexter fans who were left disappointed after that final scene of the Showtime series, which ended its eight-season run on September 22, 2013.

Rampling shared her opinion about Dexter while receiving a South Bank Sky Arts Award on behalf of the film titled 45 Years, an Andrew Haigh-directed drama. In particular, the 70-year-old actress revealed how she feels about taking roles in both movie and TV industries.

Rampling admitted that when she was younger, she never considered she would do TV as she always wanted to do films. But now as the times have changed, she wants to do TV shows. And Dexter was among the list of series she wanted to star in.

Rampling, who was nominated for her role in the film 45 Years at this year’s Academy Awards, shared what it feels like for her to be attracted to a certain role. The Dexter actress said this feeling can be compared to when you’re being drawn to a certain book, “it calls you.”

Last year, Rampling starred in Season 2 of Broadchurch, but she is more popular in the TV world for her role of Dr. Evelyn Vogel on Showtime’s Dexter.

Rampling was cast as the serial killers’ neuropsychiatrist who studied Dexter as one of her patients. The actress appeared in Dexter‘s eighth and final season, which ended its run in September 2013.

“The role and the idea of doing the last series of Dexter and playing this character, you know, she was just fabulous.”

Rampling’s character was (spoiler alert!) killed off three episodes before Dexter Season 8 ended, but nonetheless, it wasn’t the death of her character that was disliked by the show’s fans. It was the fact that Dexter was never caught by the police for all the atrocities he had done.

In the final scene of Dexter, fans saw the main character, played by Michael C. Hall, abandoning his child and opting for a life in solitude. But apparently fans of the show wanted to see a different ending.

And Rampling supports the fans’ opinion, saying that the show ended inadequately and adding that she had “problems” with that ending. Apart from her role in Dexter, the actress also talked about her new TV role, but she stopped short of revealing what show that would be.

What has long been suspected by many people, Dexter inspires serial killers to kill, according to the Hurriyet Daily News. A suspected Turkish serial killer, who allegedly killed three people, has been revealed to be a huge fan of Showtime’s Dexter.

Dexter is centered around a blood spatter analyst working for the Miami Metro Police Department, who is also a serial killer. Dexter kills those who had escaped punishment for their crimes from the justice system.

The suspected Turkish serial killer, Atalay Filiz, is being sought internationally for murdering three people. During a police raid, which took place in Istanbul, it was revealed that Filiz was a huge fan of Dexter, having a large poster and several DVDs of the Showtime series in his storage unit.

Apart from Dexter DVDs, Filiz had a number of other DVDs as well as crime novels. It’s unclear whether Filiz was really inspired by Dexter and had the goal to kill only those who had gone unpunished through the justice system, or whether he was just a fan of the show.

Apart from the Dexter DVDs and crime novels, the police previously retrieved a number of crossword puzzles from the serial killer’s apartment in Istanbul. It’s also believed that Filiz murdered a history teacher, Fatma Kay?kç?, because she suspected that Filiz had faked his real identity.

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