June 9, 2016
Trent Richardson: Baltimore Ravens Running Back Has His Eye On Hall Of Fame Title

A unique story comes our way involving Trent Richardson, the Baltimore Ravens' running back. The thing that makes it unique is due to a statement he made earlier, and his current standing within the NFL. Trent Richardson was out for an entire season last year, and his average never went further than 3.5 yards per carry.

Falling back onto that unique statement he made earlier, Trent Richardson has a goal! And that goal follows his football comeback. Richardson wants to make it to the hall of fame before his career is over. Although it is far-fetched at this moment, it is still quite achievable.

According to ESPN, earlier, when Richardson was asked how his career story would finish, he retorted without even blinking an eye. Richardson planned to end his career while wearing that acclaimed yellow jacket.

Trent Richardson, the Baltimore Ravens newest running back, is only 25-years-old, but this young man has the confidence and his statement exemplifies that all too well -- he only has to further demonstrate his skills on the field and to his superiors. Basically, he has to walk the walk, while talking the talk. The looming dark factor is that Richardson doesn't have much time and by the day, the ticker is counting down.

It appears that Richardson doesn't spend too much time staying with teams. Instead, in the past four years, he has been a member of four different teams. To note, he was the No. 3 overall pick back in 2012, but still, that was four years ago, and the talents of newer athletes are only getting stronger.

Referring to his absence of being signed by a team, Trent Richardson, Baltimore Ravens running back, says the following.

"As a person at that time, mentally [I] wasn't stable enough to play football, for any level - My mindset wasn't right for it. I had too much going on outside of football. The football was always there, but everything that carried on outside the field, it carried onto the field. I couldn't think about football all the time. Football became little to me at the time."
It isn't the fact of not being signed last season or the low averages that are plaguing Richardson, it also has to do with Trent Richardson's health and weight condition. Baltimore didn't sign him up until April because they wanted to ensure that he would be in tip-top shape, demanding that he report, in an earlier agreed upon condition, his most recent injury was a hamstring that kept him a full week from practicing already.

Trent Richardson, Baltimore Ravens running back, was seen back on the field earlier this week as he takes on his team members for a spot on the roster, furthering his stance closer to his goal of being inducted into the hall of fame.

According to the NFL, Richardson spoke with emotion and motivation simultaneously, touching on the fact that his time was running short.
"This is a good chance of being my last ride when it comes to proving myself in the NFL - I know myself that I'm not done in the NFL, don't want to be done. I got a taste of what that felt like. To tell my kids that their father didn't have a job, it was big for me. I'm here. I'm going to be here for a while."
Trent Richardson: Baltimore Ravens team member, when signed to his current team, was under some criticism for being distracted or blinded by money when he took his chances signing with the Ravens, which we covered here on the Inquisitr.

Do you think Trent Richardson has a chance in being inducted into the hall of fame so that he can retire in peace when that time comes? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Trent Richardson.

[Photo by AP Photo/Ben Margot]