Ellen DeGeneres Sued For Making A Joke About Nipples

Ellen DeGeneres has been affected by the disastrous Los Angeles fire, according to Page Six. The host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show revealed that the brother of her wife, Portia de Rossi, worked hard to keep Los Angeles residents safe.

The massive fire started around Los Angeles County as a result of a car accident on Saturday afternoon. Ever since then, about 5,000 people have been evacuated, while nearly 3,000 homes are at risk of being destroyed by the fire. The homes include homes of such celebrities as the Kardashians, Jessica Simpson, and Katie Holmes.

So, it appears that the brother of Ellen’s wife has been keeping the local residents and houses safe. The fire started with that car accident, during which a driver crashed his truck into a utility pole. As a result, electrical wires were broken and several fires started their all-consuming journey through drought-dry brush in Los Angeles suburbs.

Kris Jenner, whose mansion is located about five miles from Calabasas, which has been heavily damaged by the fire, took to Instagram over the weekend to share a photo of a firefighter. And the thing with that photo is that it had earlier been posted by Ellen DeGeneres, which led people to think that the firefighter in the photo is de Rossi’s brother, Michael Rogers.

“Thank you to all of the Firefighters of Calabasas and surrounding cities who worked so hard yesterday to keep all of us safe. We appreciate you guys so much… Sending thanks to Portia’s brother, Michael and all the firefighters & rescue workers on the scene of this dangerous fire in Calabasas.”

The identical photo shared by Ellen on her Instagram account featured the second part of Kris Jenner’s caption in which she thanked her wife’s brother as well as all of the firefighters and rescue workers working in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres and her daytime talk show create problems for people’s peaceful lives. It was reported by the Charlotte Observer that Titi Pierce, a Warner Robins Realtor, sued the host of the show for turning her life into a big joke about nipples.

It was the name of Titi Pierce that attracted Ellen’s attention, who made fun of the realtor on the show’s episode on February 22 during the “What’s Wrong with These Ads… and These Signs?” segment.

According to a lawsuit filed by Pierce last week, the realtor was attending a funeral in Florida earlier this year when she began receiving harassing phone calls from people who couldn’t stop making fun of her name. And she claims it was Ellen who provoked them to do it.

In the segment, Ellen made fun of a picture of one of Pierce’s real estate signs that featured the realtor’s name as well as her phone number. Seconds before showing that sign, Ellen showed another sign, which was totally unrelated to Pierce, that said “Nipple Convalescent Home.”

And then Ellen showed the sign with Pierce’s name and phone number, establishing a connection between the two signs.

“Titi Pierce, sounds like she might have spent some time in that nipple home, I don’t know.”

Watch the segment here.

Pierce took it to court and filed a federal lawsuit against Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. for Ellen’s joke about her name. In the lawsuit, Pierce claims that her name had never been subjected to jokes about women’s breasts.

Pierce claims Ellen invaded her private life by airing her name and phone number without the permission to do so. And now the realtor is seeking financial damages as well as for the show to take down its segment from the internet, social media and TV.

Pierce’s lawyer, Stacey Godfrey Evans, also said that her client is “a real person with real feelings,” adding that she wants to show the world that this is not how people should be treated on TV just for comedians like Ellen to get laughs from the audience.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards]