Tiffany Hendra On ‘RHOD’ Betrayal: Reveals LeeAnne’s Fiancé Tried To Kill Her

Tiffany Hendra was shocked to learn that LeeAnne Locken had threatened Marie Reyes on a girls trip to Austin, Texas, on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany and LeeAnne are usually close friends, so she was surprised to hear that her friend had threatened her co-star over some rumors that were circulating.

Cary Deuber decided to record the threats on her phone so the girls could listen to the fighting the day after. But after watching the episode, Hendra wants to make sure that viewers know that she did not say anything about the infamous pooping story. In fact, Hendra believes that her friend was completely betrayed.

According to a new Bravo report, Tiffany Hendra reveals that it is tough to relive the night in Austin, especially since she’s convinced that her friend was completely betrayed by her friend, who had previously lied about sending Hendra some rude and mean text messages. Tiffany really wanted her co-star to come clean about the lies she had told. Instead, Marie just played the victim, which made Tiffany Hendra furious.

“I sit here with a heavy heart because this episode enrages me, saddens me and disappoints me,” Tiffany Hendra explains about the episode where her best friend was completely hurt by their co-star, adding, “I DO NOT want to write this blog right now and it blows my mind that I’ve moved back to Dallas to end up spending this much time defending myself and why I’m loyal to LeeAnne.”

During the final dinner, Brandi Redmond decided to call out Tiffany’s friendship with Locken, as Brandi felt that Tiffany was being too protective of her friend. Hendra felt that was being too good of a friend, as LeeAnne always had her to fall back on. However, there are stories and events that happened before these two went on The Real Housewives of Dallas, and it sounds like they have been through quite a bit. In fact, Tiffany lost so much weight that she was down to 90 pounds at one point, while Locken’s former fiancé once tried to kill her.

“Some people think LeeAnne and I have some dark secrets we’re holding over each other. Not true. I’ve pealed LeeAnne off the floor when she was in her darkest depression and she has literally fed me when I got down to about 90 pounds after my boyfriend cheated on me. You never ever forget when someone was there when no one else was. I’ve seen LeeAnne’s bloody bashed in face when her fiancé tried to kill her and beat her face into the ground,” Tiffany Hendra explains on her blog for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Tiffany wants to leave this episode with the facts on the table. Hendra feels that her friend was betrayed by Marie Reyes, but Hendra does think that her friend could have handled the situation much better. Threatening someone isn’t the answer. But Tiffany does want Real Housewives of Dallas viewers to remember a few things.

“FACT: LeeAnne was B E T R A Y E D.

FACT: Marie L I E D. Well, has lied several times now.

FACT: LeeAnne should not have threatened her or yelled abusively.

FACT: I do not approve of or condone that behavior. I’m in N O way an enabler.”

It is possible that Tiffany Hendra told LeeAnne that she handled the situation the wrong way, which could explain why she was so protective of her friend.

What do you think of Tiffany Hendra’s blog for this episode? Are you surprised that she’s calling out Marie Reyes for lying and hurting LeeAnne Locken?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]