Cristiano Ronaldo Talks About Growing Up Poor, Getting Filthy Rich And Charming Women

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous football (or soccer in American lingo) forward of Real Madrid and captain of the Portugal football team, has just been crowned the world’s richest athlete by Forbes. Fresh from leading Real Madrid to victory in the Champions League and a short vacation aboard his luxury yacht in Ibiza, Ronaldo can add the title to his long list of titles — that is in case there’s still space.

For when it comes to football, nobody else aside from Lionel Messi owns as many honors as Cristiano Ronaldo. Certainly, to be considered the richest athlete in the world is sheer icing on the cake, as Ronaldo has already been considered the best footballer in the world, according to The Guardian.

The title of the richest athlete in the world belonged previously to boxer Floyd Mayweather. No doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo will find a way to squeeze in this new recognition to his personal roster. After all, Ronaldo is a known as a hog for titles.

Unlike his humble counterpart, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo makes no qualms about his audacity, his fiercely competitive nature, and of course, his macho image. It’s an image Ronaldo loves to flaunt before all the sports cameras of the world by taking off his shirt as often as he can to display abs that are yet to find an equal. Even David Beckham fails in comparison.

After his team’s Champions League victory on May 28, Cristiano was spotted in Ibiza aboard his yacht. On June 8, Cristiano Ronaldo would resume his soccer duties for Team Portugal by scoring two goals against Estonia during the Euro 2016 tune-up, reports Sports Illustrated.

Obviously, taking some days off did the star athlete good. While Ronaldo was on break in Ibiza, rumors swirled regarding the identity of a tall brunette who was spotted being cozy with him on his yacht. The Mirror would later confirm that the hottie was Paula Suarez, a Colombian model. Here’s more on the Mirror scoop.

The pair are said to have partied together after meeting at Ibiza nightclub Amnesia… Ronaldo invited her to a party on the boat. It was just a one-night thing. The stunning south American actress…has nearly 350,000 followers on Instagram.”

The source also said that, since Cristiano Ronaldo broke up with Russian haute couture model Irina Shayk in 2015, the soccer sensation has been seen dating several different women. Another such woman was Nataly Rincon who the source quotes as having said the following of Ronaldo.

“He’s very flirtatious. The other women in the restaurant were drinking and wanted their claws into him…He stood in front of me and said, look at how I dance, and he danced in a really sensual, sexy way.”

Apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo works hard and plays hard. As the most decorated soccer player in history, the chest-thumping Ronaldo rose from humble origins. In an interview with Mirror, he said the following.

“I was brought up with nothing, we were very poor. I had no toys and no Christmas presents. I shared a room with my brother and two sisters and my parents slept in the other.”

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo has come a long way. Come to think of it, he is now the world’s richest athlete. The following is what CNN says about the distinction.

“Forbes estimates that Portugal captain Ronaldo, who will be one of the biggest stars at Euro 2016 in France, earned a staggering $88 million (£60.4m) last year. That puts him clear at the top of the American business magazine’s annual compilation of the world’s 100 highest-paid athletes — and it means he is again ahead of Barcelona rival Lionel Messi, with the pair having finished third and fourth last year.”

Ronaldo is definitely on top of the world. Women swoon at his mere presence as if they could instantaneously smell pure, unadulterated testosterone oozing from his soccer-tested body. He also has the looks and the right moves. He stands 6′ 1″ tall and is all muscle from head to toe. In short, Cristiano Ronaldo is the textbook definition of what an alpha male should be, mercurial temper included. He once threw a chair at one of his school teachers and got expelled for it. The reason?

“He disrespected me,” says the lean and mean machine. While he claims to have a great sense of humor and a good heart, there is no predicting what Cristiano Ronaldo will do in any given situation at work or elsewhere.

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