Paris Hilton’s Latest Wardrobe Malfunction — Was She Supposed To Reveal Sex Of Nicky Hilton’s Baby?

Paris Hilton revealed way too much skin and didn’t even notice it, according to E! Online. The sexy 35-year-old socialite suffered a wardrobe malfunction recently, but some of her fans will surely appreciate such a “gift.”

For a night out in London, Paris Hilton opted for a semi-sheer sequined mini dress that was supposed to cover her breasts, but well, it didn’t. The socialite suffered from the wardrobe malfunction, as the pink and black parts of the mini dress were supposed to cover her nipples.

But the poor thing had no idea a large nude nipple pasty could be seen the entire time. Paris Hilton, who wore dark sunglasses, looked unaware of the wardrobe malfunction as she had a neutral expression the entire time.

Paris Hilton also wore nude stockings and a pair of knee-high leather boots. Hilton was one of the biggest names during the 69th Cannes Film Festival, which took place in France last month. And even though the socialite didn’t make an appearance on the red carpet, she was spotted shopping, according to Fashion Style.

Paris Hilton even shared a photo on Instagram from the Hotel Resto Bar Club in Cannes. In the photo, the socialite is seen with a gold panther from sculptor Richard Orlinski. She wore a fashionable nude maxi dress by For Love & Lemons.

“Thank you Richard Orlinski for the beautiful Gold Panther. It’s going to look amazing at my place in New York.”

Paris Hilton has recently revealed her sister Nicky Hilton’s baby‘s sex, according to Woman’s Day. And it’s unclear whether she made the revelation on purpose or by accident, as Nicky herself had never revealed her upcoming baby’s sex until that interview.

In her chat with Us Magazine on a red carpet, Paris Hilton decided to take it upon herself to reveal her sister’s biggest secret – her future baby’s sex. Speaking at the FIT’s Annual Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, the socialite said that she was excited for the impending baby of her sister.

“She’s going to be such a beautiful little girl, and I can’t wait to meet her.”

And that’s when everybody realized that Paris Hilton will have a little niece. Hilton also talked about how her sister and her husband James Rothschild have been preparing to welcome the new addition to the family.

“They’ve been getting the nursery ready so I’ve been going to all the baby stores.”

And the most important thing for Paris Hilton now that she knows it’s a girl is that it’s “getting easier to buy things for her.” In fact, Hilton has already stocked up on beautiful dresses and little princess outfits.

Paris Hilton recently broke up with her boyfriend Thomas Gross. The two had been dating for a year, but now the socialite has a new interest in her life: to wait for her little niece.

“I’m just excited to meet her! And just do aunt things.”

When asked by reporters if there are already any name ideas for the impending baby, Paris Hilton said that her favorite name for a baby is “London.” But apparently she has already “reserved” it for her own baby.

Paris Hilton has previously talked about her desire to start her own family in the past. She even said in her interview with Closer magazine that having a baby is “the meaning of life.”

“One day I’d love to get married and have kids.”

And seeing how happy her sister is is making her even more enthusiastic about finding the love of her life and starting a family on her own. It’s as yet unclear whether Paris Hilton has dated anyone since her breakup with Gross.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]