Did Cary Deuber Really Steal Mark From His Wife? The Truth About Those Rumors

Cary Deuber is happily married to her husband, Mark, and they work together in Dallas. They met through work and have managed to have a great and balanced relationship with both their social circles and them working together. But long before Cary joined The Real Housewives of Dallas, there were rumors swirling in Dallas about her marriage. Deuber was accused of ruining Mark’s marriage and stealing him away. Cary got the label of “home wrecker” even though he was actually not happily married to his wife. As she has explained on The Real Housewives of Dallas, he had moved on before they got together.

According to a new Bravo report, Cary Deuber is now addressing her marriage once again, as her co-star, LeeAnne Locken, apparently keeps bringing up her marriage on the show. These rumors have caused a rift between Cary and Locken, so it isn’t surprising that Deuber was the one who decided to film the drama between her co-stars when Locken was threatening Marie Reyes on her life. When the fight happened, the Real Housewives of Dallas cameras had left and the ladies had gone to bed. Was the recording made with mean intentions?

“Now; I gotta put the recording I made into perspective. Up to this point in the actual filming, the only erratic thing I knew for a fact LeeAnne did was throw that glass of wine at Marie’s party. We only saw and knew about what we personally witnessed in our interactions with LeeAnne. So, I was afraid LeeAnne wouldn’t be held accountable for all of the crazy she does; and, frankly, I needed some proof for me to maintain my sanity,” Cary Deuber reveals, sharing her motives for filming LeeAnne’s threats.

Many of her co-stars have revealed that they were terrified when they heard the threats that were being made during the fight. Brandi Redmond has revealed that while she understood why her co-star was upset, she said that there are no acceptable situations where threatening someone’s life is allowed. And Cary Deuber just seems to think that her co-stars are crazy for even being in that situation.

The next morning, Deuber shared the video with her co-stars, and she doesn’t take LeeAnne’s explanation as an apology or an excuse. And Deuber reveals that she doesn’t feel bad for her co-star because she’s the one who has been trashing her marriage again and again. So when she needs a shoulder to cry on, Deuber isn’t the one who will offer that shoulder.

“The response the next morning was classic; guess what: kill doesn’t really mean kill at all!!!? It just means forget about you!!! Hmmm, that actually sounds pretty good. I’d kinda like LeeAnne to forget about and ignore me. You know, instead of continuing to judge and trash my marriage with her gossiping again. I’m still trying to figure out that comparison. Killing Marie vs me marrying Mark. I’m pretty sure one of them lands you in prison. That’s not even apples to oranges. Maybe apples to blow driers?! It doesn’t make sense! Get over me LeeAnne! Read my lips: ‘I DID NOT STEAL MY HUSBAND.’ Just because LeeAnne says something doesn’t make it so,” Cary Deuber reveals on her blog.

It sounds like Locken uses the same argument with Deuber all the time to make herself look better. But it almost sounds ridiculous if the argument she’s using isn’t even real.

What do you think of Cary Deuber’s decision to film the fight between Marie and Locken? Do you think she did the right thing in sharing the video with her co-stars?

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