Burger King Rolls Out New Menu Item, Almost ‘Breaks The Internet’ With The Whopperrito

The Burger King menu has just been expanded once more. Just like most fast food chains, the home of the Whopper appears to be continuing its defiance of the norm. This time, though, it seems they’ve “broken the internet” about as much as Kim Kardashian’s picture of her with a glass on her butt.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when the fast food industry started going after the trend of breaking from their normal menu items. One of the biggest shocks to the common eye was when Dairy Queen started selling burgers, practically the opposite of their previously dairy-heavy selection. There are even secret menu items you can order from many of these restaurants, provided you know what they’re called and the cooks know how to make them.

Even Taco Bell has been known to experiment with unusual menu items, having started to sell beer and other alcoholic beverages at some of their restaurants.

What’s next? Kentucky Fried Chicken selling chicken tacos?

The latest addition to the Burger King menu is being called the Whopperrito. It’s exactly what it sounds like. They took the classic whopper out of the bun and put it in a tortilla, making it almost a Hispanic food hybrid. It is literally everything from the classic menu item, mostly diced or ground up, but for those with a sensitivity to spicy foods, no peppers are included.

Perhaps that will be the next step? Taco Bell might have a problem with BK selling a burrito, which is actually more authentically Hispanic than that of the chain which specializes in that kind of thing. Add in some bell peppers and perhaps hot jalapenos, and the Burger King menu could give Taco Bell some serious competition.

Previous attempts to deviate from the classic menu have included the recent “angriest” whopper, made with hot sauce cooked into the bun. This might have gone over better if they had, again, put peppers in the mix with the pickles, onions, and lettuce, or possibly cooked them into the burger itself.

Ask any experimental chef — it is possible to put condiments into the meat patty itself.

Of course, there have also been the conventional burger alternatives, such as chicken and fish patties, options which might be okay for someone who doesn’t want to drive to Bojangles or Long John Silver’s and still craves chicken or fish.

The addition of the whopperrito to the Burger King menu has been considered probably the chain’s best alternative option yet for some. The reactions across the internet have ranged from some calling it a guilty pleasure, to others calling it a kind of crime.

If it’s not on the menu at a Burger King near you, that’s mostly because it’s being tested in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, a place far enough from the Mexican border that the locals might never have had an authentic burrito before. Anyone from the Southwest United States could probably tell you that the best Hispanic food you’ll ever find comes from roadside vendors, not from restaurants.

Hopefully the whopperrito, if it’s as good as some on the internet are claiming, will go nationwide and join the menu alongside the hot dogs and breaded chicken fingers. Perhaps then we’ll see some peppers added to make it a little closer to “the border” in terms of flavor.

What do you think of this latest addition to the Burger King menu?


[Image via Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.com]