‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers For Episode 5: JoJo Fletcher’s Eliminations Bring Drama And Frontrunners Get Big Dates In Uruguay

JoJo Fletcher has been on a wild ride looking for love on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season this spring. Viewers got new episodes on both Monday and Tuesday nights this week, and once again, everybody was left hanging at the end of the show. What Bachelorette spoilers are available for Episode 5?

As TV Guide had detailed in its Bachelorette synopsis for Episode 4, two guys headed out on a two-on-one date and as was typical, one guy was eliminated by Fletcher. However, blogger Reality Steve’s spoilers teased that the drama wasn’t going to end on the date. Alex Woytkiw and Chad Johnson headed out on that date, but then Alex got the rose over Chad and this did not go over well.


As Reality Steve details, Chad ends up going back to the resort where the rest of the guys are, and this is something that is never done on this franchise. Obviously, considering Chad’s issues in getting along with the other guys, production correctly believed that this could be an opportunity for high drama.

The Bachelorette spoilers tease that Johnson sees the other guys celebrating and goes ballistic. He will get into it with Jordan Rodgers and things get physical. Johnson still heads home, but not without one last batch of drama. At the rose ceremony, JoJo will send home Daniel Maguire, James Fuertes, and Vinny Ventiera.


Will things settle down now that Chad has been eliminated by Fletcher? The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve share that JoJo and her remaining 10 bachelors will head to Punta Del Este, Uruguay for the next dates. Jordan gets a one-on-one date and it seems that JoJo and Jordan will swim with the seals. It will come as no surprise to anybody to hear that he reportedly gets a rose.

Not much is known about Fletcher’s group date in Uruguay at this point, and Reality Steve’s spoilers have not shared who gets the group date rose. Robby Hayes gets the other one-on-one in Episode 5, and Bachelorette spoilers indicate that he and JoJo have a great date that includes a fireworks show. Robby is said to get the rose.


While it is not known for certain quite yet whether Episode 5 will show all of the action all the way through Fletcher’s rose ceremony in Uruguay, given all of the drama in Pennsylvania, additional spoilers detailing the end point of Episode 5 should be out soon. Based on Reality Steve’s scoop, JoJo will eliminate Evan Bass and Grant Kemp during the rose ceremony in Uruguay.

Is the intense drama over for the season now that Fletcher has sent Chad home? Johnson was definitely set up as the villain of the season, and Bachelorette spoilers tease that things will be much more mellow from here on out. However, the show will surely find plenty of ways to amp things up, and JoJo is facing difficult choices as her journey to find love continues.

Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that Fletcher has a frontrunner from early on this season and that it will be tough for any of the other guys to successfully steal her away. Is that supposed frontrunner the same bachelor who snags JoJo’s final rose at the end of the season? Will Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers for Season 12 pan out to be accurate?

Viewers will have a bit of a gap in the action now, as no new Bachelorette show airs on Monday, June 13. Everybody will be left hanging until Episode 5 airs on Monday, June 20, as things kick back into gear for Fletcher and fans with the rest of what happens in Pennsylvania and the dates in Uruguay. Does JoJo Fletcher find the man of her dreams on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season? Viewers cannot wait to see how it all plays out this spring.

[Image via JoJo Fletcher’s Instagram]