Funniest Text Breakup Messages

Breaking up may be not so hard to do, thanks to the ability to text a “Dear John” message to a soon-to-be ex significant other. Sure, it’s extremely impersonal, but a breakup text eliminates the need to duck to avoid being scalded by a bowl of soup at a restaurant. Bravery is not needed when breaking up via text message: A few typed words and then it is all over. Unfortunately for those who have decided to breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend through a text message, there is a permanent record of their sentiments.

Funny text breakup messages compiled by Lolz Parade could serve as a dos and don’ts breakup guide for modern couples. The top 15 text breakup messages are very funny, except for the person on the receiving end, of course. Although spelling and punctuation are likely not a primary focus when comprising a text breakup message, the sender in at least one case should have played a bit more attention to the person selected to receive the breakup text.

A sampling of some of the funniest text breakup messages:

1. Sender: I want to break up with you.

Same Sender: Sorry, wrong number.

2. Sender: I think we should see other people…

Receiver: Roses are red, violets are blue, U really thought I would cry over u? I said I loved you, You thought that was true,

well guess what player, You just got played too

3. Sender: Hey, I don’t think this is really working. I’m breaking up with you.

Receiver: I’m your wife. You can’t exactly break up with me. I’m living in your house. You could just walk over to the other side of the room and tell me you want to get divorced.

Sender: Oops, sorry. That was meant for someone else.

Receiver: Oh ok :)Wait…WHAT?

4. Sender: Knock Knock

Receiver: Who’s there babe?

Sender: Single

Receiver: Single who?

Sender: Single you

Receiver: Real funny babe

Sender: Not a joke, just didn’t wanna be too harsh on you

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