TaserDrone: Drone Helicopter Outfitted With Taser

What could be more terrifying than a drone helicopter that has been outfitted with a taser?

Huffinton Post reports that the guys at Hackaday, a website that presents “fresh hacks, each day, ever day, from around the web,” have done just this. They have modified a Parrot AR Drone copter to pack quite a shock.

According to Hackaday, there have been many items that have been modified to be tasers with the help of disposable cameras. These modifications have been mounted on rubber gloves, finter tips, and even potato gun ammo. However, the guys at Hacaday had never seen it done with a quadcopter. This they had to remedy as soon as possible, so they came up with The TaserDrone.

Once the team got ahold of the Parrot AR Drone copter, they had to reduce weight as much as possible in order to add the taser attachemnt. They removed all stickers and extra material from the “indoor” hull of the drone. The team chose the “indoor” version because it has a light frame that extends past the blades to protect them. This was perfect since it would allow the drone to bump into people.

The Taserdrone

The team then made two tracks with alunimum tape around the hull of the drone. Once the tracks were made, they connected them with wire to the capacitor in a disposable camera. For weight purposes, they also disposed of all extraneous pieces of the camera. This made the drone to be light enough, plus it allowed for the entire circuit to be hidden inside the hull.

The drone does deliver a shock; however, it is not strong enough to knock someone off of their feet.