‘UnREAL’ Spoilers For Season 2: Dirtier Tricks, A Shocking ‘Everlasting’ Suitor, And High Drama Are On The Way As Rachel And Quinn Take Over The Show

Season 2 of UnREAL is about to premiere and fans cannot wait to get started with these new episodes. Can the show manage to top the chaos they showcased in the debut season last summer? What UnREAL spoilers are available for these new episodes?

UnREAL spoilers have teased that Season 2 will take viewers to someplace the series that inspired the Lifetime hit has never gone: a black bachelor will be wooing the ladies this time around. As fans of this series know, the concept of this Lifetime show came from a former Bachelor and Bachelorette producer, and the ABC franchise has taken some heat for avoiding diverse leads.

Quinn and Rachel are back, but they have both moved up the chain of command, and they are now fully accepting of the fact that they need one another. Gone are Rachel’s dirty jeans and unwashed hair. Instead, Rachel is one of the voices in charge, and this could get dangerous.


As Entertainment Weekly details, Rachel is now the Everlasting showrunner, and Quinn scored a big deal thanks to her shenanigans related to Chet in the debut season. B.J. Britt plays Darius, the suitor looking for love who has is a star football player with a bit of a problem he needs to tackle. Some may recognize Britt from the gig he previously had on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Chet is still involved in Season 2, but he’s in a desperate position now as he’s trying to snatch the show back from Quinn and Rachel.

When it comes to Rachel’s love life, UnREAL spoilers tease that she has a new beau. Viewers will have to tune in to see how the two connected, but Jane the Virgin star Michael Rady, who played Lachlan Moore, will be wooing Rachel as she tackles her new job. He is said to be a steady, nice guy, but can a guy like that last in a relationship with her?

Rachel has had some significant challenges with stability and her mental health in the past, and actress Shiri Appleby teases UnREAL spoilers via TVLine that there will still be ups and downs for her as she tackles her new role with Everlasting. It sounds as if despite having a new role on the show that she is excited about, she will still be facing some significant challenges and trying to determine how bad things could get.


Jeremy is still around, but he’s angry and mean-spirited, and Rachel certainly has issues with him given the fact that he went behind her back to her mother. Appleby’s UnREAL spoilers detail that Jeremy and Rachel will not be on even remotely good terms as this new season begins.

TVLine has teased that Freddie Stroma will be back as Adam in some capacity at some point this summer. As fans will remember, things ended on a wild note between Adam and Rachel, and while it doesn’t sound as if Stroma will be heavily involved in these new episodes, viewers will be anxious to see the two characters together again in some fashion.

Who might viewers recognize from the cast of bachelorettes vying for Darius’ attention? Kim Matula, known by soap opera fans for her time as Hope Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful, will be one of the ladies in the mix of things.

Matula’s character Tiffany is said to be a rich All-American gal who is smart and beautiful. In addition, she happens to be the daughter of a professional football team owner, so she will certainly have some things in common with Darius. However, it seems she will be anxious to stand on her own, out from under the shadow of her father. From the looks of things, Tiffany may do quite well during her journey to find love with Darius on Everlasting.

Actor Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is returning as producer Jay and Brennan Elliott is back as Graham, the host of Everlasting. Viewers will see quite a bit of Rachel’s mom as the show explores this side of the new showrunner, and those behind the show promise that Season 2 will be outrageous and shocking with dirtier twists and turns than ever before.

Do you think that Quinn and Rachel can find a way to outdo themselves after all of the chaos in Season 1? Lifetime has already renewed UnREAL for Season 3, and viewers cannot wait to see what is coming up in these next episodes. Season 2 premieres on Monday, June 6, and it sounds as if it will be a wild ride.


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