‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Someone Framed For Murder, Another Character Death Coming?

Days of Our Lives is really heating up this summer, but more than one romance is about to turn sour. The latest spoilers reveal that someone will be framed for murder, but does that mean yet another death in Salem?

According to TV Source Magazine, Kate Roberts will see her current fiance, Deimos Kiriakis, get a bit too friendly with Nicole Walker and even offer Nicole the engagement ring he bought for Kate.

As Days of Our Lives fans can guess, Kate will not take being betrayed lightly. As Kate hides in the bushes and watches Deimos and Nicole’s interaction, she’ll film them. Nicole will get upset with Deimos for trying to give her Kate’s engagement ring and push him down.

Later, after Nicole is gone, spoilers reveal that Kate will confront Deimos about his betrayal, and the two will argue. Kate will push Deimos, and he’ll fall and hit his head, eventually falling into the river. Kate can’t do anything to save him at this point, and she will immediately go into crisis mode.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Kate frames Nicole for murder. [Image via NBC]Days of Our Lives fans will see Kate plot to use the video she took of Deimos and Nicole to frame Nicole for his murder. Not only will she have gotten rid of Deimos, but she will also exact revenge on Nicole.

However, Kate’s plan only works if Deimos is really dead, which he is not. Although it appears that the younger Kiriakis brother has met a tragic end, he’ll actually get himself out of the river and call for help. Spoilers suggest that he’ll call someone unexpected. Perhaps his big brother, Victor?

Meanwhile in Salem, Days of Our Lives fans will see a new character introduced into Rafe’s life. Blanca, a friend of Rafe’s mother, will make her debut this week, and she’ll likely catch Rafe’s eye. Of course, Blanca could cause some trouble for Rafe and Hope‘s already rocky relationship. However, since Hope is currently undecided between Rafe and Aiden at the moment, what’s a little more drama in their romance?

More romance drama will be brewing when Summer finally opens up to Brady about her feelings for him. Will Brady be torn between his affection for Summer and his love for Theresa, the mother of his child?

days of our lives spoilers: chad and ciara getting closer? [Image via NBC]It appears that Chad DiMera’s love troubles will also be playing a huge part this week, as he’ll still be reeling over the fact that his wife, Abigail, doesn’t want to see him. Chad’s been drinking way too much, and with his live-in nanny, Ciara, who has a huge crush on him, there to help pick up the pieces, things could get very interesting.

Days of Our Lives viewers will also see Belle and Shawn try to figure out their relationship. Can they make their marriage work after everything they have been through? This week, the pair will continue to grow closer, even though their jobs as a police officer and a lawyer often put them on opposing sides.

Also this week, Fynn will make a decision about his relationship with Kayla. Will he try to start a new romance with his co-worker, or will he step aside so that she and Steve can have their eventual reunion? Fynn has done nothing to make viewers believe he’s anything but a nice guy, so it seems he may back off of Kayla so she can reunite her family and help her lost son, Joey.

It appears that Days of Our Lives couples will take center stage this summer as it seems nearly everyone is having relationship problems. Viewers may want to brace themselves for a lot of make ups and break ups over the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

[Image via NBC