Taylor Swift Gives Calvin Harris Cat ‘Visitation Rights’ Following Break-Up

Taylor Swift has made no secret of her love of her two cats, but it turns out that her former boyfriend Calvin Harris has also grown pretty close to Swift’s pets over their course of their 15-month relationship.

According to new reports, Calvin has allegedly grown so close to Taylor’s cats, named Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson, that he supposedly still wants to spend time with them despite splitting with Taylor last week.

A new report by the Mirror is claiming that Taylor has allegedly set up “visitation rights” for Calvin when it comes to her furry friends, allowing Harris to spend a little time with Swift’s two cats even though they’re no longer a couple.

Taylor Swift gives Calvin Harris cat "visitation rights" following break-up
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According to the site’s new report, Calvin “failed to realise how much he’d miss Taylor’s cats” when he and Swift split last week and claimed that “Taylor’s had to agree to giving her ex-boyfriend visitation rights” in order for the Scottish DJ to still see the animals in the wake of his and Swift’s recent split.

While neither Taylor nor Calvin have officially spoken out regarding reports that Harris is still looking to spend a little time with Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson after their break-up, Calvin has been known to gush over Swift’s pets on social media during their 15-month romance.

Although Swift and Harris opted to keep their relationship off social media apart from the odd vacation snap, Calvin wasn’t exactly shy when it came to showing photos and videos of Taylor’s cats to the world on Instagram and Snapchat.

Back in August 2015, Calvin took to Snapchat to detail his entire ordeal babysitting Taylor’s cats while Swift was rumored to be attending the birthday party of Joe Jonas, according to Mashable.

Calvin shared a number of videos from his night of cat sitting Taylor Swift’s cats on the social media app, showing Meredith and Olivia lounging around on the floor in what was assumed to be Taylor’s home as well as documenting the moment Harris attempted to feed one of the feline’s “human food.”

The Snapchat sneak peek inside Calvin’s night with Swift’s cats came just weeks after Calvin also showed off his love for the felines on Instagram, where he posted a slow-motion video of Meredith drinking water from a faucet in June 2015, which has since been liked almost 250,000 times.

Just weeks earlier, Harris showcased Taylor’s cats once again in a post that confirmed their romance to the world.

Shortly after the news broke that Taylor and Calvin were rumored to be a couple, Harris confirmed the rumors with a snap of both of Swift’s cats, which featured Olivia standing up. Calvin then captioned the photo, “Moment.”

Although the details of Harris and Swift’s alleged cat visitation rights have yet to be revealed, People first reported that Swift and Harris had decided to call it quits on June 1.

Confirming the pretty surprising break-up news, a source admitted to the site that “there was no drama” between Taylor and her boyfriend of 15 months, noting that “no one cheated” and added that “things just don’t work out sometimes.”

Harris then confirmed the split on social media on June 2, telling his more than seven million followers on Twitter that “the only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.”

Taylor Swift then echoed Calvin’s statement, retweeting the message on her own Twitter account.

What do you think of reports claiming that Calvin Harris asked Taylor Swift for cat “visitation rights” following their break-up?

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