Blac Chyna Reveals Her Weight, Admits She Wants To Gain 100 Lbs During Pregnancy

Blac Chyna is hopping on the scales to reveal her pregnancy weight gain to the world and admitting her bizarre “goal” to gain 100 pounds during her second pregnancy.

Blac, who’s expecting her first child with fiancé Rob Kardashian, took to Snapchat on June 5 to get seriously candid about her recent weight gain, revealing that she’s gained 26 pounds so far as she prepares for the baby.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Chyna was snacking on chips as she discussed her pregnancy weight gain with fans on the social media app in a candid moment over the weekend, where Blac revealed that she weighed in at 139 pounds before getting pregnant but has since gone up to 165.6 pounds.

This is just one of a slew of times Blac has opened up about her pregnancy and its effects on her body, as Chyna previously revealed in an interview with E! News that she’s actually had a “good” pregnancy so far without any big cravings.

“No morning sickness, no cravings, just baby,” Blac told the site earlier this month. “Fortunately I haven’t been craving anything, which is like really peculiar.”

But while Chyna is revealing that she may not be experiencing any burning food cravings during her current pregnancy, Blac is now admitting on Snapchat that she’s ready to do some pretty serious eating as she prepares for the baby.

“My goal is to gain, like, 100 pounds this pregnancy,” Blac Chyna told fans in her most recent Snapchat video, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Chyna admitted that she’s planning to lose her baby weight just as quickly as she gained it.

“Imma tear it up, then Imma snap back,” Chyna said in the video.

Blac Chyna Reveals Her Weight, Admits She Wants To Gain 100lbs During Pregnancy
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Blac Chyna’s big claims to gain and drop her baby weight come amid reports that Chyna has decided to postpone her upcoming wedding to Rob Kardashian until after the couple welcome their baby later this year in order for Blac to return to her pre-baby weight.

According to a new report by Hollywood Life, Chyna opted to put the big day on hold until after she’s back in shape so she can look better than ever on her big day.

“Blac and Rob are going to walk down the aisle. She can’t wait,” an insider close to the couple told the site last month, “but she wants her to body to be in tip top shape and has decided to wait until after the baby is born.”

“This is going to be Chyna’s first Hollywood wedding, and she wants to look right and tight for it,” the source continued the site of Blac’s big plans to drop her baby weight and snap back into shape, admitting that Chyna “wants her stomach, thighs, chest and butt to be in the best shape they’ve ever been.”

The site’s insider also alleged that Blac and Rob are set to make some serious cash from selling photos and footage from their big day, which will likely be featured on their upcoming E! Keeping Up with the Kardashians spin-off, Rob & Chyna, meaning Blac wants to drop the weight to be in the best shape of her life.

“Blac and Rob have a lot of TV and photo deals riding on their wedding,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life in May, “and they both thought it would be best to wait until the baby’s born so Chyna could look her best.”

What do you think of Blac Chyna’s revealing her pregnancy weight gain to the world, her plans to gain 100 pounds, and her decision to postpone her and Rob’s wedding until after their baby is born?

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