Fifty Shades Of Gray Really Impacting Searches In New York, YouPorn Reveals

The ladyporn book Fifty Shades Of Grey has been a bit of a cultural watershed, bringing erotic materials for women more visibly into the mainstream and opening up frank conversations about its BDSM topics to society on a much larger scale.

For a long time, Fifty Shades Of Grey‘s impact on the “marital aids” industry has been tittered about, and the whole aspect of lighting fires under marriages and longstanding relationships was widely discussed. But of all the places influenced by Fifty Shades Of Grey mania, it seems New York (and not Christian Grey’s hometown of somewhere in the Pacific Northwest) was most noticeably piqued by the BDSM craze.

At least, according to the venerable and highly esteemed sociological journal, YouPorn. Yes, the stats-crushers over at YouPorn have sliced and diced the numbers pertaining to their searches, and it seems New Yorkers really got their floggers in a knot over the hot-and-heavy BDSM scenes described in the seminal erotica tome.

Via Gothamist, the site explains that the volume of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism searches originating in New York were more saturated than those in other locales:

“According to statistics compiled by a prominent online adult entertainment website, it appears that New Yorkers—both men and women—are locking themselves in their own ‘Red Room of Pain’ to download BDSM-related videos.”

fifty shades of grey

“On a global scale, BDSM-related searches swelled 67% from April to June this year. In New York that number exploded by 89.7%.”

Are you among the many fans of Fifty Shades Of Grey?