Mike Shouhed Calls Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid ‘Cheap As A Domestic’ While Jessica Parido Calls Reza Farahan A ‘Crusty B***ch’

The claws are out. As the fifth season episodes of Shahs of Sunset continues to air on Bravo, Jessica Parido continues to be engaged in an ugly social media fight with Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Reza Farahan over comments that they have made regarding the demise of her marriage to Mike Shouhed. Mike has also lashed out at MJ, seemingly in direct support of Jessica after MJ accused Jessica of being with a man for a car.

Last Thursday, Jessica, in direct response to a tweet that Reza had sent stating that she cheated on Mike and jumped to a new guy with more money, said that Reza is lying.


Jessica pointed out that if she really did cheat, Mike would be saying it, not Reza, whom she labeled a “washed up b***h.”

“You are straight up lying!!!!! Don’t you think my husband would be saying I cheated not some washed up b***h like u.”

Jessica maintained that she didn’t leave Mike for anyone. She explained that she dated someone else months after she left Mike.


Prior to that, Jessica proclaimed that if it wasn’t for her, Reza and his co-stars would have nothing else to talk about.

“@RezaFarahan to the rescue!Made for ‘reality’ tv a** b***h.Thank god for me ‘your show’ is still around. U b***hes would have nothing to say”

Reza replied that Jessica is an “irrelevant gold digger” from the Inland Empire.


Jessica pointed out that if she really was a gold digger, she wouldn’t have left the relationship and gave everything back. This time, she called Reza a “crusty b***h.”

“@RezaFarahan gold diggers leave their cheating husbands & milk them for all they have.Not leave & give back EVERYTHING. F*k off crusty b***h”


When a viewer asked why Shahs of Sunset shows Mike defending Jessica to MJ if Jessica really was cheating on him, Reza gave his opinion that Jessica wants Mike back and Mike is simply falling for her ploy. Reza thinks that Jessica is a “thirsty h*.

“@JessicaParido @lindseykardash @MomMarti because her a** is begging him back AND he’s falling for it! #ThirstyH*”

So far, Mike Shouhed has stayed out of Jessica Parido’s Twitter war with Reza Farahan. It seems that Mike’s not letting the current drama between Jessica and Reza damage his friendship with Reza. As the latest Shahs of Sunset episode aired on Sunday, Mike wrote on Facebook that he “love[s] him like a blood brother.”

While he has left Reza alone, despite Reza claiming that Jessica cheated on him, Mike has no qualms about going after Mercedes “MJ” Javid for what she has said about Jessica. Last Monday, MJ basically accused Jessica of being with a man for a car.


Jessica called MJ a “b***h” who went from man to man for no car. Jessica maintained that she didn’t leave Mike for anyone.

“@MercedesJavid b***h are you bored yet? Youve bounced from dick 2 dick for no car.I didn’t leave my husband for anyone.Keep running ur mouth”

Jessica believes that MJ is just talking about her in order to have a story line for Shahs of Sunset. Mike re-tweeted Jessica’s tweet, as well as many other viewers’ tweets that bashed MJ for her behavior.


Jessica then told MJ to pick on someone her own size.


Jessica added that she brought everything that she has herself.


The next day, Mike asked why MJ is named after an exotic car when she’s “cheap as a domestic.” Mike added that if MJ’s name was changed to Ford, then maybe she would focus on her own life. Jessica re-tweeted Mike’s tweet.

“Why the f**k u named after an exotic car company whn you as cheap as a domestic? Maybe if u were called Ford, u Focus on ur own life #Wisdom”


Mike also re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that stated that Mike’s latest tweet was his way of defending Jessica and asked what Jessica has done to MJ to cause her to say such hateful things.

Mike and Jessica have backed one another on social media before. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jessica recently came to Mike’s parents’ defense after MJ tweeted that Mike’s dad cheats on his wife. Mike replied that Jessica is “amazing” in a lot of ways.

Jessica didn’t actually join the rest of the cast on the Shahs of Sunset Season 4 reunion show. While she was all ready to go on the stage, Mike said that he didn’t want her to go on because he didn’t want her attacked by everyone. So instead, host Andy Cohen did an interview with Jessica in her trailer. During their interview, Jessica basically said that she was standing by her man.

Now that Jessica Parido has filed for divorce from Mike Shouhed, will she appear in the Season 5 reunion show? Considering the fact that the demise of her marriage is a major story line on the latest season, it’s likely that the show’s producers are trying very hard to secure her appearance, if they haven’t done so already.

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