USB Dental Device Makes Self Diagnosis Easy, If You Know What To Look For In The First Place

The Japanese site Thankos is currently selling an $80 USB Dental device that is meant for self diagnosis problems with your pearly whites. I may not be a dentist but it seems to me that knowing what to look for takes more than a few minutes with a USB device. Than again perhaps dental school is a lark.

The USB dental device uses a “microscope” to check out your teeth at a close range. It also utilizes 6 LED lights and a CMOS camera to offer high resolution pictures from the inside of your mouth with excellent clarity.

JPEG and BMP pictures are then shown at a resolution of 1,280 x 1024 pixels which pop up on the users computer via the USB connection.

I’m not really sure what this device will do for future dentist visits, but it’s a great way to prove to your insurer that you do in fact need that new crown or filling. [via Engadget]

Here’s a few more pics of the USB Dental device in action:

thanko_dental_microscope_3I don’t know why they included a picture of a persons scalp, after the USB Hamburger marketing fiasco last week though nothing out of Japan surprises me anymore.