June 9, 2016
Game Developer Volition Announces 'Agents Of Mayhem'

Developer Volition has announced the next game that is set to be released: Agents of Mayhem.

Volition hasn't had much news since the release of their last Saints Row game. In a report by IGN, it appears that Volition has introduced Agents of Mayhem just in time for E3. The trailer brings about a feel that is somewhat similar to what you'd expect out of one of Volition's games, though there also appears to be aspects that cater toward a different type of experience.

The trailer for Agents of Mayhem opens up with what looks to be a futuristic feel. Robots line the streets, the bustle of the city is evident, and transports carry various technology to their intended destinations. As is usual with video game trailers, this is just the beginning. As if right on cue, chaos begins to run rampant as we're introduced to the villains who work under the alias "Legion." All hope appears to be lost until what looks to be one of the agents appear, tossing out one-liners while making quick work of the enemy.

The main characters in Agents of Mayhem are Fortune, Hardtack, and Hollywood. The trailer takes the Scott Pilgrim approach and puts a bio of sorts by the characters, introducing them before we see what they're capable of. Fortune makes use of a drone that assists in attacking, and she appears more agile than the others. Hardtack wields a harpoon, using it to impale enemies and toss them around with considerable strength. Hollywood, the last of the three to arrive, uses grenades and a stunt double to do the majority of the work. Perhaps this is a hint at a skill that Hollywood will make use of in Agents of Mayhem.

As you can see, Agents of Mayhem seems to follow the same trend as Volition's previous releases. There's action, whimsical characters, witty remarks, and style. An interesting aspect of the trailer is that the protagonists don't appear to be as heroic as you would believe. One of the agents decides to take a phone call instead of helping, sacrificing a stunt double and leaving him to do the dirty work. If it's any indication as to how the story will play out, Agents of Mayhem will most likely boast an interesting set of events that players will have to work through.

Will Agents of Mayhem be set in the Saints Row universe? Could we possibly see cameo appearances from characters that have been playable in Volition's previous titles? Fans are in luck, as Volition will be breaking down the debut trailer so that we can get more insight into what the game will offer. Gameplay footage will also be available, so we'll be able to experience what it's like to jump onto the controls for Agents of Mayhem. Critics will most likely be able to have their own experience with the game as Volition slowly pulls back the curtain on all that it has to offer. With all of this scheduled for June, the debut trailer is a small taste of what's to come.

The possible downside to Agents of Mayhem may be the fact that it is described as a single-player game. According to Venturebeat, the only "co-op" that may be available is simply switching between each character and using who suits the current job best. However, this is only speculation. More will be revealed as time goes on, especially since June is the month for E3 and all of the latest that gaming has to unveil and offer.

Are you excited for the release of Agents of Mayhem? What do you think of the debut trailer and characters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Saints Row]