‘Madden NFL 13’ Sells 900,000 Copies In Just One Day

Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL 13 has reportedly sold 900,000 copies in just 24 hours, according to USA Today. It would seem that the company has scored yet another touchdown with the latest addition to the series, which offers up a few alterations to core aspects of the game. As of this writing, Madden has a Metascore of 82, which is considered to be generally favorable.

The seven percent increase in sales is certainly making quite a few people very, very happy. Last year, it took Madden NFL 12 a week to sell 1.4 million copies. Needless to say, it would appear that the company has yet another sports-oriented hit on their hands.

Not surprisingly, EA Sports Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson is pretty excited about the accomplishment.

“Madden NFL 13 is the most innovative entry the franchise has ever seen and we’re thrilled that fans have embraced it with such a huge first day,” he explained in a statement.

Sales figures for both the Wii and the Playstation 3 were not available at the time of the USA Today report. Although the Wii numbers will be significantly less, it will be interesting to see how well the title sells on the PS3.

Since so many people rushed out to procure their very own copy of Madden NFL 13, the number of simultaneous online users went through the proverbial roof. As a result, the game has set a one-day online usage record, increasing over 28 percent from last year.

Gamespot reports that several key changes were made to the newest entry in the Madden franchise. In addition to completely overhauling the career mode, a new engine allows for more dynamic tackling.

The first console version of Madden NFL debuted in the early 90s for the Sega Genesis. Back then, the franchise was known as John Madden Football and was considered to be a major hit for both Electronic Arts and Sega.

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