Johnny Depp An ‘Emotional Mess’ After Amber Heard Allegations

Fans of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been going through a rough time, after some frustrating and depressing events caused the couple to break up. Heard claimed that Johnny was aggressive and physically abusive, and the situation has kind of exploded since then. While some are adamant supporters of Heard’s claims, others aren’t so sure, and the dust hasn’t settled since the abuse allegations were made. This might have some fans of Depp feeling a little down and out, but they aren’t alone.


Johnny hasn’t made any public comments about the fiasco, and has been on a tour of Europe with his band, the Hollywood Vampires. Though going on a tour of Europe with your best friends might seem like a dream vacation, Johnny is, according to Fishwrapper, in no shape to be having a good time. Unhappy and on edge about Amber, Depp seems to be using the tour more as a way to avoid the situation rather than have fun.


A source told People that Depp has been an “emotional mess.” The source went on to say that Johnny “doesn’t want to let down his fans,” which seems to be a characteristic response to controversy from Depp. The source mentioned that Depp is still reeling from the emotional roller-coaster of recent events, including the death of his mom, and of course the Amber drama itself.

“Johnny has been an emotional mess. The concerts and the tour are good for him. He doesn’t want to let his fans down. It’s the best distraction. He is still very upset about his mom and about all the Amber drama.”

Even Johnny’s band mates have been concerned about the health of their friend, and have been “keeping an eye on him.” Apparently, Depp has been drinking again, but he hasn’t got “out of control,” so friends don’t need to worry quite yet. Many believe that Heard’s claims are, partially or otherwise, totally bogus, and it would make sense that Johnny would behave this way if they were. Getting stung by someone you thought loved you can be hard for anyone, and especially for someone whose entire job and livelihood relies on being really in touch with his emotional state.


He may be a little depressed as a result of Amber’s actions, but Johnny isn’t giving up. This recent band tour isn’t all about fun, and Depp is clearly using it to make sure that his friends know that he isn’t giving up on them, either. Johnny seems to be doing his best to keep things together, and to make sure that his recent experiences don’t negatively affect his friends. Friends are as important to Johnny as everyone else, but family is really where Johnny shines. Despite his recent divorce, Johnny also has two children that he is maintaining contact with. Depp has been talking about his kids a lot, and has even begun to make some plans to meet up and hang out when he gets back from Europe.

“He talks about his kids a lot and misses them. He is making plans with the kids this summer. They are planning a trip to France.”


Despite many claims that Heard’s accusations are fanciful at best, Johnny still has a huge challenge ahead of him. Since it is such an awful thing to do, even false accusations of spousal abuse can ruin lives, and Johnny’s friends and family certainly know this. Depp is clearly taking this time in Europe to center himself and prepare for what’s coming, and we can only hope that the truth comes out. Whatever the truth happens to be, the world is hoping for the best possible outcome for both Amber and Johnny, whatever that happens to be.

[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]