Kate Middleton: The Boss Babe Of Anmer Hall? Sources Share On The Duke And Duchess’ Quiet Life At Anmer Hall

Kate Middleton has been quite open as of late about her intentions to maintain control over how her family lives and to also keep the lives of her children as reasonably private as possible. Sources spoke candidly during a Vanity Fair interview recently, and Kate, herself, shared with Vogue UK, when the Duchess also partook in a gorgeous photo-shoot for the publication’s cover.

Kate Middleton, photographed by Josh Olins for Vogue UK, June 2016 pic.twitter.com/Q8pxS6Zlqt

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A source reportedly close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke with Vanity Fair about the couple receiving the Queen’s blessing to live their lives like a normal family at Anmer Hall.

“[Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles] have given their blessing for William to live this [ordinary] life, and William is grateful. It’s enabling him and Kate to raise their family in a way that’s a close to ordinary as [Kate and William] can get.”

The publication goes on to relay the words of the source who shares that William is adamant about keeping some sort of normalcy for his family.

“It’s no secret that William doesn’t like the media intrusion into his life, and in the country he can escape. William doesn’t want George and Charlotte going through some of the experiences he went through growing up. Everything he does regarding his family is very deliberate.”

When it comes to the country home within which the Duke and Duchess reside with their family, a home that was the vacation home to William and Harry when they were young, an additional source shares about the homey feel that immediately welcomes visitors when they enter the very secure setting.

“Shielded from the outside world by cast-iron security gates, a network of cameras, and a drive lined with 12-foot-high conifers, Anmer Hall is both imposing and well hidden. A no-fly zone over the property—which includes a swimming pool and an artificial-grass tennis court—was imposed last year at the Duke’s request. Unmarked police cars patrol the perimeter. While it may look like a fortress from the outside, inside, according to those who have visited, it is a warm and welcoming family home—the setting for a happy, relaxed, and paparazzi-free childhood for Princess Charlotte and her big brother, Prince George, who is about to turn three.”

And it sounds as though Kate and William really do most of the duties around the home. Not only is Kate a hands-on-mom who is present and never away for too long from her little Prince and Princess, she also does a lot of the cooking herself.

“Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, runs the 10-bedroom house with just a handful of domestic staff, including full-time nanny Maria Borallo and a housekeeper. Aids insist there is no in-house chef—Kate loves to cook, and she has been spotted buying local produce at Back to the Garden.”

That’s not to say that the couple does not receive any assistance. The publication shares that by times Kate will send their bodyguards to run errands for her. The source shares that the family’s mealtimes are quite hectic, and the Duchess serves the food straight to the table.

Additionally, the Duke and Duchess have enlisted the help of a full-time nanny, as Celebrity Dirty Laundry shares.

“Prince William and Kate Middleton have only a few people on their staff, including full-time nanny Maria Borrallo, to help out around the 10-bedroom house. After dinner comes bath time and bedtime. Kate and William switch off giving the Royal kids their baths and tucking them into bed. George loves to have his parents read him The Gruffalo.”

So it sounds as though Kate and William have made themselves the perfect little home out in the country.

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