Tyga's Girl Demi Rose's Escort Profile Goes Public & Her 'Taz's Angels' Stint

Tyga's Cannes date Demi Rose Mawby's escort profile has gone public. TMZ has published a profile of the British-born model. TMZ has stated that her vital stats are all over the internet on escort sites "from Dubai and [the] USA." However, Demi has told the publication that she has "never done any sort of escorting and doesn't want her name associated with it." Rose has gone on to say that it's a common occurrence when it comes to girls in her trade. She goes on to say that she is now considering legal action.

Demi Rose has said that "she's fallen victim to prostitute identity theft." Demi Rose is known to post very raunchy pictures of herself on social media, and there are some pictures of her hanging out in Dubai on her Instagram profile. Demi came to prominence when she was seen with Tyga this year at Cannes Film Festival parties. The Inquisitr had earlier reported that the English model posts a lot of NSFW pictures of herself on her Instagram. But is there any truth to allegations that she is an escort?
Daily Mail had earlier stated that after finishing beauty school in England, she became a part of "Taz's Angels." The Daily Mail describes the "Angels" as "a group of pretty young women who live together in a rented mansion in Miami, apparently mentored by a man known simply as 'Taz' on how to achieve fame and fortune."
Needless to say that "Taz's Angels" has an Instagram page that goes "The Names Change, But The Game Remains The Same. A Bad B**** Turns 18 Everyday."

Many have speculated the kind of relationship Taz shares with his "Angels." However, an Instagram post gives a peek into what it's like. "A lot of people don't understand our relationship to #Taz, or what #Sisterwives are."

"Taz is our king and yes we all share him, the way I look at it is we rather have a quarter of a real n****r than a whole f*****g n*****r, most ya b*****s sharing ya man with ur best friend, ur neighbor, shit, even ur sister and don't even know it. At the end of the day it's our life and we don't give a f*** what anyone thinks about us." [sic]Another "Angel" said that it goes beyond typical partying and sex. "It goes beyond the typical partying you see on Snapchat into some darker s***. I had sex with Taz but I wasn't allowed to do it for long which I was happy about because Cat [another Angel] started to push us away. Nobody is allowed to look at Taz either and he won't take off his sunglasses."

The sources said that Demi Rose left the group in November, 2015.

The Inquisitr had quoted Daily Mail as saying that Demi's parents are very proud of what she does, and they always knew their daughter was going to make it big. They saw an ambitious girl even when she was younger. "Her friend had a modeling book. Demi Rose didn't think she was quite good enough but she excelled in beauty school and it her made her ambitious to pursue her dreams," says her mother.
She even says she doesn't mind that their daughter posts raunchy pictures of herself on social media. "We don't mind at all. She always said she wouldn't do nudity not that we've told her not to, her pictures are racy and suggestive but she shows them all to us. We're right behind her. She's such a beautiful girl, why shouldn't she? If you've got it, flaunt it."

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[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]