Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Jeremy Calvert Neglecting His And Leah Messer’s Daughter, Adalynn?

The co-parenting relationship of Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert could be in trouble as the Teen Mom 2 mother accused Jeremy of ditching her daughter in order to spend time with his girlfriend’s daughter instead.

“He needs to stop worrying about someone else’s child and worry about his own!”

In this Teen Mom 2 Season 7 finale sneak peek, Jeremy Calvert sends Leah a text message to tell her that he will be dropping Adalynn off with his mother because he has to go with his girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, to pick up her daughter.

Leah, immediately after receiving the text message, blasts Jeremy for ditching their daughter. Messer tells her sister that Jeremy needs to stop worrying so much about his girlfriend’s child and worry a little more about his own daughter.


Leah goes on to tell her sister that Jeremy knew he would be getting his girlfriend’s child a week ago. The Teen Mom 2 mother doesn’t understand why Calvert didn’t make plans and arrangements so he could get the little girl without having to ditch his daughter, who he didn’t get to spend much time with.

Messer goes on to talk to her sister about how Jeremy gets to see his girlfriend’s child all week, but he doesn’t get to spend that much time with Adalynn. According to Jeremy Calvert’s ex-wife, it is breaking her heart that Adalynn is not getting to spend more time with her father.

“Arrangements should have been made where he could care for his child and she take care of hers,” Messer said. “That’s not fair. You see this little girl all week. You don’t see Addie all week.”

Leah ended her rant with, “That’s what breaks my heart for this kid.”


According to Enstarz, Jeremy Calvert has been growing closer and closer to his girlfriend’s child since their relationship started over a year ago. The problem with this growing relationship between Jeremy and the child is Leah believes it is getting in the way of Jeremy continuing to have a relationship with his own 3-year-old daughter, Adalynn.

Jeremy Calvert has yet to address any of the comments his ex-wife has made about his parenting skills on the screen.

Based on a report by the Hollywood Gossip, it is possible that Teen Mom 2 fans may never get the response they want regarding Leah’s opinion of Jeremy as a bad father. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Season 7 may be the last season fans get to see Jeremy or his daughter, Adalynn.

Jeremy Calvert has said he wants to get away from the show, the network, and the drama. He has also said he wants to take his daughter, Adalynn, out of the spotlight. Jeremy does not want his daughter to be known as “that kid from Teen Mom 2” for the rest of her life.


“He’s tired of dealing with all the negativity that comes from him being on the show, too.”

According to the Hollywood Gossip, MTV would be able to continue Teen Mom 2 without Jeremy, but the fact that he does not want Adalynn to be in the show either could cause a problem. MTV may try to offer Jeremy more money, as Adalynn’s contract requires the signature of both parents in order for her to appear on the show.

Considering the fact that Jeremy is one of the only parents on Teen Mom 2 to have a real job and not require the income he makes from MTV to pay his bills, offering him more money so Adalynn can appear on the show might not be enough to get this Teen Mom 2 star to change his mind.

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