‘FinFisher’ Spyware Can Take Over iPhone, Android Smartphones

FinFisher malware is capable of infecting iPhone and Android Smartphones and tablets while taking over their components in order to spy on users and now the program is spreading. According to researchers at the University of Toronto the spyware can secretly turn on a users microphone, track a phones location and even monitory activity including emails, voice calls and text messages.

Originally developed by the Gamma Group out of the U.K. the spyware was meant to be given to law enforcement and government agencies as a way to monitor mobile devices and computers. FinFisher on Wednesday announced that a demonstration copy of its software had been stolen.

Less popular mobile OS options are also under attack by the program including Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian devices.

In a product brochure for the FinFisher software platform the company writes:

“When FinSpy Mobile is installed on a mobile phone it can be remotely controlled and monitored no matter where in the world the Target is located.”

The FinFisher spyware can be easily transmitted to a smartphone when it visits a specific web link or when a text messages masquerades itself as a “system update.”

In a statement regarding the potential threat a Microsoft official warned smartphone users:

“We strongly encourage Windows Mobile owners to avoid clicking on or otherwise downloading software or links from unknown sources, including text messages.”

RIM spoke with Bloomberg where a representative revealed:

“BlackBerry smartphones give customers control over what can be installed on the device in addition to prompting users to grant permissions to third-party applications. We recommend customers only download applications from trusted sources to help protect against potentially malicious software.”

Are you worried that FinFisher and other spyware programs are becoming more common in our tech heavy society?