Why Calvin Harris Went Ring Shopping Even Though He Didn’t Want To Marry Taylor Swift

A smiling Calvin Harris made his first appearance since his break up with Taylor Swift and his scary car crash back in May. The DJ was spotted in a jolly mood when he left a medical center in Beverly Hills on Friday, June 3.

Harris, 32, was photographed wearing a white T-shirt and olive green shorts with tan sneaker. Harris, whose real name is Adam Wiles, was recently in a car accident on May 20, which was the reason for his recent visit to the medical facility.

He also performed later that night at his ongoing residency at Las Vegas’ Omnia nightclub. According to People, Calvin was in a feel-good mood that night.

“Las Vegas, how you feeling?” the producer asked his fans from his DJ booth.

“I feel good,” he responded to the cheering crowd. He was reportedly surrounded by his male friends, but no women.

Harris then went on to play a medley of his hit songs, including “Feel So Close” and “This Is What You Came For,” before he remixed other hit songs, except for any of Swift’s songs.

He later grabbed his microphone and told the crowd, “Friday night: If you’re feeling good, make some noise.”

On Thursday, June 2, the chart-topping EDM artist took to Twitter to address why the couple split after 15 months of dating.

“The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect,” he simply wrote. Swift then followed up by retweeting his post.

Us Weekly previously reported that it was Calvin who ended their relationship because things didn’t work out as planned. But then Taylor’s sources told People that Calvin was “intimidated” by her success, which is the reason why the couple hardly attended red carpet events and awards shows together.

There are also rumors swirling that Swift wanted “marriage and babies.” She was pretty sure that Harris was the one she would end up with. According to the Daily Mail’s sources, Swift constantly talked about wanting to settle down with the ladies’ man.

“She used to talk about their future a lot — marriage, babies, And although he wants all of that, it just felt a bit like she was all full-steam ahead, whereas he is more of a slow and steady, let things progress organically, kind of guy.”

Despite the couple’s clear differences in their lifestyles and future plans, the insider insisted that there’s no bad blood between them.

“It’s a shame because Taylor is a lovely girl. But it just obviously wasn’t meant to be,” the source concluded.

It would sound like Swift’s pressures to marry and have babies is probably the reason why Harris was spotted ringing shopping prior to their split. But a shocking new report, via Page Six, suggests that Harris was very committed to the singer during their 15-month relationship, and that Swift was the one who briefly ended things after his car crash.

“She broke up with him this week,” the source added. “She gave a bulls*** excuse about her career. He was ring shopping.”

Another source gave similar sentiments to E! Online, exclaiming, “Taylor wanted more attention than Adam gave. Adam did care very deeply for her but the breakup was bound to happen.”

Additionally, the source said that Calvin was growing “bored” of their relationship, and was waiting for the “spark” to return after their romantic beach getaway. He felt that they were becoming “more like friends than lovers,” and though he cared for her, she was obviously more invested in keeping the relationship alive than he was.

It looks like a classic case of he said, she said with these recent developments. What are your thoughts? Who do you think called it quits: Calvin Harris or Taylor Swift? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella]