WWE News: Vince McMahon Becoming A Big Fan Of AJ Styles, Could Give Him Major Push After Brand Split

When you watch WWE programming, you expect a certain type of wrestler. The reason is simply because Vince McMahon made his company “the land of the giants” over years of time spent at the top of the most dominate wrestling company in the world. Over the years, fans knew they wanted a different kind of product that McMahon could not provide them. This led to talent responsibilities going to others until they fell to WWE legend Triple H.

Since Triple H has taken over the talent relations area, he has given a lot of the best wrestlers in the world. While WWE has signed other people that they had to develop over time, The Game has also gone after the best on the planet and that eventually led him to bringing in AJ Styles. We all expected Styles to get at least a little bit of a push due to what the company paid him to sign with them. We also expected Triple H to like Styles due to his hard work over years of time spent around the world as well as his ability in the ring.

What we didn’t expect is the WWE Chairman seeing AJ Styles as a top tier name in his company. That seems to be exactly what is going on at this point. According to Daily Wrestling News, coming out of WWE Extreme Rules Vince McMahon was said to have been happy with Styles work in the match with Roman Reigns. Vince now believes AJ is someone he can rely on for big matches, which is a HUGE compliment for the Phenomenal One.

AJ Cena [Image via WWE]McMahon doesn’t take kindly to all of his wrestlers, as some are just there to do a small service and that is the extent of their time there. Meanwhile, others get a chance to become legends in the WWE due to the fact that McMahon likes them and can rely on them to do well. Apparently, Vince respects what AJ has done around the world and how he proved himself away from WWE. He feels he carries himself well at his size, which is not easy to do.

Vince McMahon reportedly was high on Styles before Extreme Rules, but it seems he truly sold how good he was to McMahon there. This led to some talk of AJ being given a championship before the end of 2016. This, actually, sort of fits in with other news surrounding AJ Styles right now, as there has been talk of bringing in a World Title for WWE SmackDown after the WWE brand split next month. AJ and John Cena would face off for the title, which would most likely have gone to Cena. Now, that could change where WWE pulls a swerve and has Styles go over Cena.

There was talk regarding AJ’s heel turn as of late as well. There were plans for this dating back some time. The plan was always to put Styles in a program with John Cena the moment WWE knew when the 15 time World Champion was coming back. WWE feels they need more top heels and AJ fits this role very well for them. This is why it looks likely that he and Cena will be the top workers for SmackDown after the brand split while Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be the top two names for the WWE RAW brand.

The Club [image via WWE]There has also been some internal talk of The Club interfering in the Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins match at WWE Money in the Bank. Plans are in the early stages and could change, but there very well could be something that occurs in the WWE World Title match. This would allow the WWE to keep both Rollins and Reigns unbeaten against the other, so it does make a lot more sense than people realize as of now.

AJ Styles very well could be getting a major push out of all of this simply because he impressed the WWE Chairman. Not many can say that they impressed the WWE boss this much in such a short period of time. Styles is not one to let people down, so his newfound heel turn may have been the best move for his WWE career.

[Image via WWE]