Dominic Purcell Injured On The Set Of ‘Prison Break’ – Will The Show Go On As Planned?

Fans can’t wait for the return of Prison Break which will hit the FOX airwaves in the midseason, but there could be a problem already. Production has officially gotten underway and things are going well, but that may all have changed this week. Dominic Purcell, one of the main stars in the hit series, suffered a pretty serious injury that caused a lot of people to wonder if filming was going to be halted and if the return of Prison Break would be scrapped entirely.

During filming in Morocco, Purcell actually had a piece of heavy set equipment fall down and hit him in the head. Some may think it wasn’t that bad since he’s already posting on social media, but Purcell realizes just how lucky he actually is.

According to PEOPLE, the injury happened on Monday and apparently, the piece of set equipment was in place but dislodged and came down on top of him. Purcell saying that he only went to one knee is quite impressive, but his appearance shows that it was a pretty intense situation.

Purcell is expected to make a full recovery, and production on Prison Break is going to continue. FOX reassured fans that all is going to be alright with the return of the show.

“Our friend and colleague Dominic Purcell was injured earlier this week during the filming of our event series ‘Prison Break,’ and was flown to a medical facility where he received treatment. We are happy to report that he is in great spirits and is expected to make a full recovery. He wanted us to express his appreciation to the fans around the world who have expressed their concern and support, and to reassure them that he will be back at work very soon.”

Purcell’s broken nose hasn’t kept him down long as he’s already gone back to training in the gym and joking around with co-stars. On Saturday, he did give some big props to his partner in crime, Wentworth Miller, for picking up the slack, though.

In the return of Prison Break, Purcell is back as Lincoln Scofield and Miller is returning as his brother Michael. Together, they were able to break out of a corrupt prison but mostly due to the brilliance of Michael and the help of his wife Sara who is being played by Sarah Wayne Callies.

Now, Michael is thought to have died, and that is bringing Lincoln and Sara together to try to rescue him in what can only be seen as the biggest break in the history of the TV series.

Prison Break‘s return will also see the comeback of a few other big names including Robert Knepper as T-Bag, Rockmund Dunbar as C-Note, and Amaury Nolasco as Sucre.

Fans had always hoped that Prison Break would be back as they felt the original run of the series didn’t end things permanently. FOX was inclined to agree with them and have brought back one of the most popular shows of the past 20 years.

Making things even better is that so many cast members from the series are back and reprising their original roles. Luckily, one was even able to make it through the dangers of filming.

Prison Break is coming back, and it’s likely that FOX could end up writing Dominic Purcell’s injury into the show in some form or fashion. It’s going to be rather difficult for fans to ignore the damages that Lincoln Scofield has on his face from one episode to the next unless there is some sort of explanation. Purcell is lucky to be alive and grateful for having another day to actually work, but he needs to be more careful or else this hit series return could be a short one.

[Image via FOX]

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