June 3, 2016
Lamar Odom: Crack Pipes Reportedly Found At His Home Amid Divorce From Khloe [Video]

Lamar Odom made international headlines last year when he was found overdosed and near death in a Nevada brothel. Now his friends and family have reportedly found crack pipes in his home. The NBA star has an admitted history of hard drug abuse, but his loved ones had hoped that his near-death experience in Nevada last year would have served to scare him straight. When Lamar Odom was found near death at The Love Ranch just outside of Las Vegas last October, he'd overdosed on a mixture of cocaine, opiates, and herbal Viagra. Now sources close to him have found crack pipes at his house, reports TMZ.

Multiple sources close to Lamar Odom have reported that he has been acting off lately, and reportedly his loved ones have been spending the last few weeks trying to get through to him. Those closest to Odom are almost positive that he's using crack again, but he has reportedly rebuffed their concern and told friends and family that he doesn't need any help

Lamar Odom's inner circle is reportedly so concerned about his health and well-being that they attempted an intervention. A group of people say they went to Odom's home in an attempt to convince him to enter a rehab program before he overdoses again. This isn't the first time that those close to Lamar Odom had tried to pressure the NBA star into rehab. Friends and family staged an intervention back in 2013, too. Just like this time around, they failed to convince Odom to seek out the help they knew he needed.

It was during this visit to his home that Lamar Odom's friends and family reportedly saw that his place was littered with drug paraphernalia. According to sources, that paraphernalia included crack pipes, roaches, and baggies. His friends say that Lamar thinks he's invincible, even though he's still recovering from 2015's nearly fatal overdose in Nevada.

Lamar Odom's supporters and critics took to social media to discuss the crack pipes allegedly found at his home and the chances he's reportedly taking with his health and life.

Despite suffering a series of strokes as a result of October's overdose, and despite spending weeks in the hospital and rehab last year, Odom has already been spotted hitting local bars and drinking heavily in public this year. In private, his friends fear, he's doing much worse than getting drunk (as evidenced by the crack pipes witnesses report seeing in his home).

As People reports, it's been less than eight months since Lamar Odom nearly died in a rural Nevada brothel. At the time of his last overdose, his famous wife Khloe Kardashian was in the process of divorcing the NBA star. When the extent of his injuries became known, Khloe halted the divorce proceedings and spent a harrowing few months handling his affairs as both his estranged wife and next of kin.

Now, though, Khloe has refiled her divorce. It was just days after she filed that Lamar Odom was reportedly seen buying herbal Viagra and having a dinner date with a strange woman, reports the Mirror. Herbal Viagra was directly implicated in his last overdose, in combination with other drugs, and friends and family fear that Lamar Odom doesn't have another miraculous recovery in him.

They are all reportedly terrified that he is going to overdose again, and that this time he won't be able to be saved.

If something dire does happen to Lamar Odom in the immediate future, his estranged wife is going to be on the hook. The divorce papers may have been filed, but the pair are still legally married.

"They are still married, so if something happens to Lamar, Khloé will have to deal with it."
According to People, Khloe has really stepped up as a support system for Lamar Odom since his October overdose, both emotionally and financially. She and her famous family are all reportedly "very worried" about Lamar Odom's current, reckless behavior.
"His body is not back to normal and it never will be. There is a fear that he will again have an overdose."
Despite refusing to acknowledge that he has a drug and/or alcohol problem and refusing to heed his family and friends' advice to go to rehab, Lamar Odom opened up about what a relapse would do to Khloe in a recently released sneak peek of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
"I can't really take the risk. I can't do that to that girl again."
According to his friends who reportedly saw crack pipes in his home, though, Lamar Odom is taking that risk.

[Photo by Mark J. Terrill/AP Photo]