Ryan Tannehill Flunks Basic NFL Knowledge Questions

Ryan Tannehill, the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins might have a promising career ahead of him, but he may want to brush up on his very basic knowledge skills when it comes to how the NFL operates.

On Tuesday’s episode of HBO’sHard Knocks, Ryan admitted that he had no idea which NFL teams were located in which divisions.

When talking about how the league is set up, the former Texas A&M quarterback told backup Matt Moore that he was “so lost on the divisions.”

The rookie then added:

“I know our division and that’s about it.”

Tannehill, after guessing that the New York Giants were in the NFC North and the Kansas City Chiefs are in the NFC East, proclaimed:

“I wasn’t a huge pro fan growing up. I wasn’t loyal to any one team, so I don’t really know the divisions and even really conferences. I know most of the conferences, but some of those I really have no clue. And they don’t make sense. You have the AFC East, and we’re at the freaking bottom of the map, and the directions don’t make any sense where the teams actually are.”

Moore was shocked by his fellow football players lack of basic NFL knowledge.

While it may be shocking to know that Tannehill can not name teams located in each division, in all fairness, Texas is a really big high school and college football state.

Are you surprised by Ryan Tannehill’s complete lack of even the most basic NFL knowledge?