Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Divorce Update: Police Find No Evidence Of Assault, Abuse Text Messages ‘Heavily Doctored’?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard announced their divorce last month, and ever since, rumors have been swirling regarding Heard’s accusations of domestic abuse.

After filing for divorce on May 23, just days after Johnny Depp’s mother tragically passed away, Heard filed for and obtained a restraining order against her husband, claiming he assaulted her on May 22. Heard also shared several photos of her alleged injuries. However, because the Los Angeles Police Department found no evidence of an assault after they were called to the scene, there have been ongoing and contradictory reports regarding what really went on between Johnny Depp and Heard during the last few moments of their relationship.

Following Heard’s allegations against Johnny Depp, the police department released a statement.

“On May 21, police responded to a domestic incident radio call,” LAPD officer Jane Kim told Us Weekly in a statement on May 27. “The person reporting did not insist on a report nor was there any evidence provided by the victim that warranted a report. Officers conducted an investigation and determined that a crime did not occur.”

Days later, the officers who interviewed Heard spoke to LAPD brass, via TMZ on June 1, revealing Heard had no visible injuries after the alleged assault took place.

According to the officers, a 911 call came in under the name Heard, and after traveling to her Los Angeles residence for what was noted as a domestic dispute, Heard was hesitant to let them in. Instead, she spoke to the officers with the door cracked open, and claimed she and her husband had been involved in a simple verbal argument.

Once officers informed Heard that they needed to come in and be sure that she was not under duress, she allowed them inside where they “looked at her closely enough to determine there were no marks, swelling or bruising on her face or other exposed parts of her body,” as reported by TMZ.

The outlet also spoke with several doctors who said that if Johnny Depp had thrown an iPhone at Heard as she claimed, and then pulled her hair and hit her, there would have at least been some swelling and likely some immediate bruising or redness, as well, but police saw nothing.

In addition to the police officer’s denial of any visible injuries after Johnny Depp’s alleged assault on his wife, his personal assistant, Stephen Deuters, claims the reported text messages between him and Heard, in which he was seen apologizing for Johnny Depp’s supposed abuse, were “heavily doctored.”

“Think he’s just texted you. He’s incredibly apologetic and knows that he has done wrong. He wants to get better now. He’s been very explicit about that this morning. Feel like we’re at a critical juncture,” Deuters’ alleged message read, via Us Weekly. “When I told him he kicked you, he cried. It was disgusting. And he knows it.”

After the text messages, which were allegedly sent in 2014, were made public earlier this week, Deuters spoke to TMZ, confirming he never sent the messages. He never saw any acts of violence between Johnny Depp and Heard, or anyone else.

Deuters also told the outlet that he was ready and willing to go to court and testify on Johnny Depp’s behalf, if needed.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard tied the knot in February 2014 after about 2 years of dating.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]