Chicago Bulls Rumors: Are The Bulls Looking To Trade Taj Gibson

Recent trade rumors have centered around Chicago Bulls’ guards Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. The Bull with a lot of trade value who seldom gets talked about is Taj Gibson. As a power forward with NBA All-Star ability, one cannot help but wonder why his name is not getting thrown out there when it comes to NBA trade rumors. Taj Gibson could be the best bargaining chip the Chicago Bulls have among the players they would be pondering on trading.

Taj Gibson is one of the best bargains on the Chicago Bulls and in the Association. The Bulls will be fielding a lot of calls for him since the price of salaries are about to dramatically increase.

NBA salaries are about to be on the rise. Teams are going to spend an exorbitant amount of money on players who are, quite frankly, deserving of only half of what they will receive. If anyone needs further proof on how overblown the contracts will be, consider what league observers believe Toronto Raptors’ center Bismack Biyombo will get on the free agent market.

Bismack Biyombo’s contract is expected to begin somewhere between $15-18 million. And although he has told the Raptors that he is willing to take a hometown discount, according to Sports Illustrated, there will be a team with a boatload of cash to spend that is willing to outbid everyone for Biyombo’s services. That is a lot of money given to Bismack Biyombo, who was not a regular rotational player until around the All-Star break.

It is insane what front offices do in order to outmaneuver and outthink their rivals. Many teams have gambled and lost big taking chances on fools gold. Entering into the NBA offseason, this is what the Bulls should consider.

The Bulls could get something for Taj Gibson if they want to. His production is well under his price.

Taj Gibson is slated to make close to half of what Bismack Biyombo will command next season. Gibson is a better scorer and defensive rebounder than him. Biyombo is the better offensive rebounder and rim protector. With Gibson, the price is right for the player that the Bulls have.


Some people will point to the fact that Gibson struggled to score at times with the Bulls when pressed into the starting lineup in the winter months. In reality, Gibson suffered with a few nagging injuries, including an ankle sprain which limited his effectiveness. This past season did not do him any justice. So his statistics, which can be found here, are misleading, which will make him the object of desire for many teams. The Taj Gibson trade rumors, which had been quiet for awhile, are just beginning to pick back up again.

According to CSN Chicago, the Bulls could trade Taj Gibson for the purpose of having some more cap space to attract Kevin Durant and other key free agents. With the exception of wooing Durant, that is one scenario which makes sense.

If the Bulls were to have a good amount cap space, they could bring in a post defender and a swingman with the propensity for scoring.

Are the Chicago Bulls trading players for Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside, along with other top free agents? If so, they might consider moving Taj Gibson.


Gibson is a more than serviceable player, but the Bulls’ front office promised changes. Those changes have to be more than just allowing Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol leave via free agency. There is one deal the Bulls can do that would make a ton of sense.

The Bulls can trade Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, and a future first-round pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for Jahlil Okafor and a second-round choice. That deal is different than the trade rumor by Yibada, about the Bulls sending Gibson, along with Derrick Rose, Mike Dunleavy, and the No. 14 pick to the 76ers for Nerlens Noel.

A deal of such magnitude could not happen because of the outgoing salary of the Bulls that would be more than $30 million. Also, a deal such as that signals the Bulls are going to rebuild. With a potential Gibson and Mirotic for Okafor deal, the Bulls do not give up three of their top-seven players, and a draft pick for a non-scoring post player. Why would the Bulls gut that much of their team if they believe that they are still close? Again, just from the salaries alone, the deal is a nonstarter. Keep in mind that Taj Gibson alone has enough value to net the Bulls a starter, or a late first-round pick.

Another trade is something a Sacramento Kings’ fan came up with in a tweet.


The Bulls could trade Gibson and the 14th pick for the Kings’ eighth pick and Ben McLemore.

That trade would help both teams and finally consummate a semblance of a deal that would have taken place near the trade deadline. Both teams get to swap draft picks here. The Bulls want to get a tad younger, while the Kings want to return to the playoffs. Also, the Bulls get equal value for Taj Gibson and have an outside shot at Providence guard Kris Dunn and Oklahoma guard Buddy Hield. This is something the Bulls would like.

For now, the hope is that Chicago Bulls know what they have in Taj Gibson. He is a power forward who is all about team and is a big value around the NBA. Unless the Bulls get a strong offer like the ones above, they must hold on to Taj Gibson.

Should the Chicago Bulls trade Taj Gibson?

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