Stacey Dash, President: Why The Controversy Queen Wants To Run For Office

Stacey Dash, one of pop culture’s leading queens of controversy, has recently made her boldest claim yet: that she will one day run for president. Her reason for wanting to do so is both hilarious and shocking.

Stacey’s immense dissatisfaction with the way the United States is currently run stems from Dash’s recent troubles in the film and TV industry.

“I’ve been blacklisted in Hollywood!” Dash, best known for her work on TV’s Clueless, revealed to People on Thursday.

“My agency dropped me because of my politics,” she elaborated.

“They told me that when they pitched me, casting directors would say, ‘We give you credit for pitching her with a straight face’. It makes me so angry.”

Stacey Dash continued that politics, and not the incredibly controversial image she has created for herself, were behind the decision not to cast her.

“Republicans in Hollywood hide. I’m challenging them to stand up and have courage. I won’t be scared into submission,” Dash asserted.

In fact, Dash claimed, she is going to fight fire with fire by taking the reins herself and rising to the forefront of politics. That’s right, she said, Stacey Dash will one day be president.

“I’m going to run for president one day. That’s the plan, that’s what’s gonna happen,” Dash said.

“I had a dream about that once, about fifteen years ago. That I was on the lawn of the White House, having a picnic with my family. I thought at the time that it was going to be my brother. Now I realize it’s gonna be me.”

The People article notes that Stacey has made somewhat of a name for herself in conservative politics, what with her very forthright views and her part-time gig as a political commentator, so Dash’s announcement that she aspires to one day be the U.S. Commander-in-Chief is not completely out of the blue.

On the other hand, points out Madame Noire, Dash’s political views are so radical and potentially offensive that they literally caused her to be shunned by her family. She was later suspended from reporting on the right-wing FOX News for cussing out President Obama. So either Stacey Dash would have to tone herself down quite a bit or the country would have to undergo quite a change in order for Stacey Dash to be accepted in the world of American politics.

Luckily, Stacey says, that change is coming in the form of Donald Trump.

“I feel very hopeful, because Trump’s gonna win,” Dash said.

“Trump’s gonna be president, and everything’s going to change, because we don’t play. I see trade coming back to our country, I see jobs coming back to our country, I see entrepreneurs being able to open small businesses, I see inner cities getting better education.”

When asked if that meant she would put aside her acting career while focusing on politics, Dash said that she planned to pursue the presidency as an addition to, and not a replacement for, her current work.

“I’m not closing the chapter on acting. I’m going to act, and I’m also going to run for president one day,” Stacey explained.

Now that we know Dash is going forward with this plan, society can eagerly await the 2020 election, when Stacey Dash will be running against Kanye West and Katy Perry, both of whom have also announced plans to campaign for the office. And whoever wins the presidency this November will probably be there, too.

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