June 2, 2016
'Days Of Our Lives' Cast News: Kate Mansi's Final Air Date Revealed, Who Will Be Taking Over The Role Of Abigail Deveraux?

Days of Our Lives fans have known for some time now that Kate Mansi would be leaving the role of Abigail Deveraux, and the time is almost here. It was known that the actress had wrapped up taping her scenes last December, so many viewers expected to hear that her run as Abby would end sometime in June. Until now, nobody knew for sure when Kate would be done or who would be stepping into the role, but news has just emerged on both fronts.

After Ben returned to terrorize Abigail again, she broke down and has been in a psychiatric facility for a while now. Viewers have seen a few scenes with her, but she pushed Chad and the rest of her family away and Days of Our Lives fans have wondered if they would get to see Kate Mansi in the role any further before a new actress took over. Now, the actress has shared exactly when she will last appear as Abby.

Mansi shared the news via her Instagram, and the good news is that there is a bit more ahead with Kate in the role. The Days of Our Lives star revealed that her last air date will be Friday, June 24. Spoilers regarding what is on the way for that week are not available yet, but fans are hoping for some solid Abigail and Chad scenes before Mansi leaves.

"Chabby" supporters waited a long time to see Abby and Chad get to a happy place as a couple, and Days of Our Lives viewers love Kate and actor Billy Flynn together. Hearing that Mansi is leaving, and seeing that the current acting duo got to have little in the way of newlywed bliss together has a fair number of fans feeling frustrated. Will they get some happy moments between the two on-screen before this big change plays out?

The buzz for quite some time now has been that Mansi would be replaced but that there would be a gap of several months before a new actress began starting to show on-screen. Now, as Entertainment Weekly details, that buzz has been confirmed. Reports indicate that actress Marci Miller will be taking over the gig as Abigail.

Marci Miller is a newbie to the soap world, though as her IMDb details, she does have quite a few projects already under her belt. The actress has now taken to her Instagram page to confirm the news regarding her new role and is it said that she started taping her scenes last month. Given that, and the Days of Our Lives taping schedule, Miller's first moments as Abigail should begin in October or November.

There is no doubt that tackling the opportunity to be the new Abigail will be a significant challenge, and it looks like Miller is fully aware of that. She asks for love and patience as she throws herself into this exciting and scary opportunity, and she credits Mansi for developing the character. It may take a bit for "Chabby" fans to get behind this change, but Marci's supporters are clearly excited for her.

What does Days of Our Lives have in store for Abigail and Chad this fall? The buzz has been that Ciara will develop a pretty serious crush on Chad as she lives at the DiMera compound to help with Thomas. Chad is struggling with being alone and away from Abby, and spoilers have teased that Jennifer will soon be waging a battle against him for custody of Thomas. Will Ciara wiggle her way into his heart while Abby is away?

Will viewers be willing to embrace Marci Miller as she takes over the role of Abigail Deveraux? What does Days of Our Lives have in store for "Chabby" fans as Kate Mansi wraps up her time in the role? Fans are anxious to see what comes next as this transition begins over the course of this month and cannot wait to see where things head for Abby and Chad in the episodes ahead.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]