Viral Video: Cookie Monster Is Batman?

One of the most commonly recognizable characteristics about Batman is his gravelly, growling voice. In Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” film series, however, Batman’s voice was a little more than just rough and gravelly. The extreme roughness of Batman’s voice in this certain film series has sparked a funny viral video. This viral video reveals Batman to be none other than Cookie Monster.

The viral video was posted on August 21st. A YouTube user recreated a scene from the “Dark Knight” series where Batman meets with Commissioner Gordon on the roof of a secluded building. Meaning to discuss crime in the city, Gordon has called upon Batman, but Batman only has one thing on his mind….cookies.

Suprisingly, Christian Bale’s Batman voice is growly enough to have Cookie Monsters voice mix decently well into the edited video (shown below).

NBC News reports that Christian Bale’s growly voice, along with Baine’s muffled voice have been topics of great debate.

Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the 1990s FOX animation series, discussed the topic at length at Chicago’s pop culture conference C2E2 in 2008 and flat-out dissed Bale’s performance.

“Christian Bale is an excellent actor, he just got steered wrong,” Conroy commented. “Obviously someone should have stopped him and said, ‘You sound ridiculous.”

Even though Conroy’s comments were applauded, there was one reader that posted that such character direction was inspired by the original comics.

“The growling voice is not an original idea: it is referenced in the comics,” Brad wrote on “In “Knightfall”, Robin makes a reference to Batman’s “gravelly” voice while talking to Nightwing. Yes, the purpose is two-fold: cover his identity, and to be intimidating. I grew up watching Batman on television, and wondered why no one recognized the voice of well-known Bruce Wayne.”

Here is the viral video.