WWE Brand Split To Help John Cena Break World Title Record

The WWE brand split is coming in July, and there has been more news released about the changes. 411mania reported that there will be a second world title added to the SmackDown brand, and that means a very historic event could be coming to that show. According to the reports, WWE wants more people to tune in on Tuesday nights for the live SmackDown, and will make John Cena the main face on the show to help that happen.

To read between the lines, John Cena as the main face star on SmackDown after the WWE brand split will likely mean that he will end up eventually winning that brand’s world title. If Cena wins the title, it will mark his 16th world title reign, tying him with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair as the most world titles in wrestling history. That would be a must-see event for wrestling fans.

John Cena made his WWE return from injury and was immediately thrown into a feud with one of the top new stars in the WWE today in AJ Styles. Wrestling fans who love all wrestling, and not just the WWE, got a dream scenario as the biggest star in the WWE over the last decade stood face to face with the biggest homegrown star in TNA Impact Wrestling history.

That is when AJ Styles turned on Cena and The Club beat down John in the middle of the ring. The WWE brand split plans to make John Cena the main face on SmackDown, and AJ Styles the biggest heel on the show. For the other brand, the idea is for Roman Reigns to stay on RAW after the WWE brand split and have him as the major face to battle the brand’s biggest heel in Seth Rollins.

While many fans dream of a WWE brand split that will allow the rise of numerous young stars, the idea that John Cena and Roman Reigns are positioned to stay the top two faces might paint a different picture. Of course, looking at it optimistically, Reigns and Rollins are young stars and Styles is new to the WWE Universe, so Cena is the only “old hand” involved.

There is also the fact that these will be the feuds that kick off the WWE brand split. They will likely move into SummerSlam, and then new contenders can step up. Names like Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, and other young stars can get a chance to step up and prove their places on the WWE card.

According to the WWE, the brand split takes place on July 19, the first night that SmackDown will move to a live format on Tuesday nights. At that time, fans will learn who will leave RAW, who will end up on SmackDown, and what this will mean for the pay-per-views, tag teams, NXT, and more. Everything could change, and the WWE is hoping the brand split will cause the excitement that has been lacking for much of the past two years.

However, it sounds like the pushes and angles won’t change overnight with the WWE brand split. John Cena and AJ Styles will have been feuding for almost two months before the switch. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have been feuding for almost two years. The brand split will create curiosity, but it won’t matter if they don’t create new stars.

The WWE has plenty of young new stars they can push, with names like Enzo and Big Cass a good example of how charismatic talent can get over on the main roster. However, they also have a long list of dropped opportunities, such as Dolph Ziggler’s big push last year sizzling out after just one month.

Creating new stars is where the WWE brand split could do some good. If making John Cena the man with the most world title reigns is their big plan with the brand split right now, that won’t change or improve anything.

[Photo by Don Feria/AP Images for WWE]

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