Edward Furlong’s Wallet Returned After Skid Row Mugging

Edward Furlong’s wallet is back with its rightful owner.

The actor was unfortunate enough to be mugged in Los Angeles’ notorious Skid Row neighborhood a few days ago, but he’s got at least a little bit of luck on his side — the wallet has now been returned.

The Terminator 2: Judgment Day star was walking in the neighborhood earlier this week when he had his wallet snatched from him, but the 35-year-old now has it back, Hollywood.com reported.

TMZ caught up with Edward Furlong and asked if he ever got the wallet back, to which the actor replied, “I did actually, I got my wallet… I got robbed. I was asking for directions. I was coming from a friend’s house. A friend who has an art studio.”

After he was robbed Furlong flagged down police and told them he was just stopping to ask for directions when the person he was asking turned on him and snatched the wallet, Yahoo!’s omg reported.

TMZ noted that Edward Furlong was wearing the same t-shirt as five days earlier and that he wasn’t too eager to talk about the crime or why he was in such a bad part of town early in the morning.

Reports suggest that his visit could have something to do with his checkered past. In June, Furlong was taped stumbling to his car after leaving a club. Over the past decade or so the former child star has admitted to abusing drugs and alcohol and three times was arrested for alcohol-related charges.

Though Edward Furlong’s wallet is back, the rest of his year has still been pretty rough. His ex-wife Rachael Kneeland accused him in October of owing more than $15,000 in back child support for their 5-year-old son, Ethan Page. Edward Furlong had told the judge that he has been out of work for quite a while and didn’t have the money to pay.