Stacey Dash Memoir: Drug Addiction And Domestic Abuse Shaped Controversial Conservative

Stacy Dash’s memoir details several dark topics, including an early life of drug addiction and recovery. The controversial media personality’s new memoir, There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative, is scheduled to be released in bookstores on June 6. Dash’s book also covers the domestic abuse she suffered around the same time of her addiction, says the Belfast Telegraph. But Stacey Dash wants her children to take triumph out of her story of struggle.

“I let them know that I survived,” she said. “I’m not a victim. And there is nothing they can’t overcome.”

The Stacey Dash memoir tells of her drug addiction really hitting home when she was pregnant and mulling over an abortion.

Dash was in an abusive relationship while addicted in her early 20s. The man she was with punched her in the legs, chest, and body, places that could be covered with clothing. She admitted taking the abuse because a part of her felt like she deserved it. Stacey eventually escaped the abusive relationship. She entered into one with musician Christopher Williams and got pregnant by him.

But Stacey Dash’s memoir says the drug addiction stayed with her.

Dash’s road to drug addiction started at a young age, says People Magazine. At 16-years-old, she snorted a line of cocaine and fell hard into addiction. Childhood circumstances in the South Bronx played into her fall. A 16-year-old friend of the family molested her when she was only 4-years-old. Her early environment was one of drugs and violence.

“It got to a point where I didn’t even want to live anymore,” Stacey told People. “The voice in my head was saying, ‘There’s nothing here for you.'”

She struggled forward, though, until she found herself pregnant by Williams and seriously considering an abortion.

Stacey Dash was desperate and still addicted to drugs. She cried out to God who, she says, convinced her to keep her child. That child, her son Austin, is now 25-years-old. Stacey also has a 12-year-old daughter named Lola.

But the new memoir isn’t just a chronicle of Stacey’s addiction and domestic abuse.

Dash is now “sharing incredible stories of her rough upbringing in the South Bronx and her tumultuous Hollywood career to movingly illustrate her strong opinions about the value of a good education, the importance of family, the inanity of political correctness, and the power of personal responsibility,” says her publisher, Regnery.

Stacey Dash’s memoir also discusses how the actress’ past drug addiction and history of domestic abuse shaped her into an outspoken and rare “Hollywood conservative.” Stacey has aired many unfiltered opinions, most recently about the ongoing transgender bathroom debate. But she also makes broader comments about American culture such as her comment to People about social welfare programs.

“When you get stuff for free,” Dash said, “you have no self-worth. When you have no self-worth, you become depressed, addicted and either abused or an abuser. This is what perpetuates the cycle of violence in inner cities. We don’t need free stuff. We need opportunities.”

The Stacey Dash memoir may stem partly from her relationship with her children. Detailing a life of drugs and domestic abuse is a difficult thing for anyone to do, even as a cautionary example. But Stacey focuses on being honest and open with her kids.

“The best way to protect my children,” Dash says, “is to be honest with them.”

For Dash, that means writing frankly about dangerous relationships with domestic abusers and living in the grip of drug addiction.

Is Stacey Dash’s memoir a book you would be interested in reading?

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