Ohio ‘UFO Craft’ Viral Video: Strange Object Hovers Over U.S. Military Base For 13 Minutes

A video of a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) surfaced over the weekend on YouTube that shows the strange object “floating with the clouds” over an Ohio military base that has become famous for its connection to the subject of UFOs — Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Now gone viral, the video was originally shot by a couple from Dayton, Ohio, and has been forwarded to experts to attempt to determine what exactly was hovering in the sky that day. In the meantime, Wright-Patterson spokespeople have stated that the military has no connection to the UFO or whatever was caught on camera.


The Dayton Daily News reported May 31 that, on Tuesday, Wright-Patterson spokeswoman Marie Vanover said the base had no ties to the object. She noted that the Air Force Research Laboratory was aware of the UFO video, as well, and had found no connection between the image and the base.

“We are personally unaware of any activities that would have contributed to the object depicted in the video.”

Of course, such denials are the mainstays of the modern conspiracy theories that abound concerning Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which was the base where Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s long-running investigative look into the UFO sighting phenomenon, was headquartered. Over the years, tales about the base have included stories of government cover-ups regarding anything UFO related, and the warehousing of living (and dead) aliens secreted there from various crash sights.

During its arc, Project Blue Book, which ran from 1947 to 1969, recorded 12,618 sightings of strange phenomena. Of those, only 701 were classified as actually being “unidentified.”

The Ohio UFO video in question, which runs 13 minutes and provides a view of a strange, gray-like shard (pointing downward) moving within the cloud cover, was passed on by the Dayton couple, who have as yet remained anonymous, to various agencies, according to the narrator of the YouTube video of the incident, Tyler Glockner of Secureteam10. Glockner describes the image as “mind-blowing” and says that the UFO video is now the third of “three separate sources” claiming a sighting over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base at the same time.

Glockner also feeds into the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base/UFO connection mythos, saying, “When it comes to secret military bases that may have something to do with alien phenomenon, the first I don’t think of is Area 51.” (Note: Area 51 is an actual top secret base in the Nevada desert that, due to the nature of its testing facilities, has garnered it quite a bit of attention from conspiracy theorists as well.)

“No, the first thing I think of is Wright-Patterson, and this footage we’ve received confirmed that for me.”

In the original video, a woman (apparently the individual who shot the video on her cell phone) can be heard saying, “What the f*** is that?” She then adds, “It looks like it’s moving with the clouds.”

After another onlooker comments on how “crazy” the sighting is, the image becomes enveloped in clouds. Another individual is then heard saying, “Oh my god, it f****** disappeared.”


As the Daily Mail reported, Wright-Patterson issued a statement in 1985 announcing the conclusion of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book investigations. Officials noted that the Project’s research had shown that no UFO sighting had proven a threat to national security, nor had there been evidence of any technology beyond then-present-day sciences, and, furthermore, had found no reason to believe that any of the sightings and/or reports actually documented existing extraterrestrial vehicles.

Already aware of the growing number of conspiracy theories surrounding the military base, the statement concluded that “Periodically, it is erroneously stated that the remains of extraterrestrial visitors are or have been stored at Wright-Patterson AFB. There are not now, nor ever have been, any extraterrestrial visitors or equipment on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.”

Suggestions as to what the UFO might actually be run the gamut from some type of balloon to incontrovertible proof that it is indeed a UFO. The Ohio UFO video submitted by SecureTeam10, posted Saturday (May 28), has been viewed nearly a million times to date.

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