Full text of Greg McMackin's gay slur

Duncan Riley

University of Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin is in a lot of trouble after what he said at a press briefing was publicised. Here is the transcript.

The subject of the speech was the Hawaii Bowl last year, where the Hawaiian players performed a Polynesian haka. Notre Dame had their own version, which attracted the scorn and derision of McMackin and his players.

I'll never do this again. He had his guys. "We do something special at Notre Dame," he said, and they get up and they do this little cheerlead like this, you know, this little f****t dance. You remember Jason and Steven. So my guys were looking at me, you know they're all looking and all trying not to laugh so I gave them the... don't write that f****t thing. I was misquoted.

Anyway, uh... you know, I gave them the shotgun so our guys get up and it was the best shotgun I've ever seen, I mean they're on their cheer and they had beads on, they're ripping their beads off. I mean, it was a little scary. But I think Notre Dame watched that and said we'd better have ourselves ready, because they're gonna play some big D and we can't take that away. Our quarterback was on fire.

I went out and challenged the last play of the half because there's no way that guy could have caught it. We had two guys on him and he caught it out of bounds with his toes in. It was just great execution.

So anyway, please, last year you covered for me as far as I recruit, cover for me, oh yeah, say f****t dance. Please cover for me on that too, right Carl? I'll deny it. Anything else?

Nope Greg, that's more than enough thanks.