Did Guy Ritchie & Madonna End Their Custody Battle? Rocco Ritchie Spotted In New York With Mom

Have Guy Ritchie and Madonna ended their custody battle over son Rocco Ritchie?

The 15-year old was spotted hanging out with his mom in New York City a couple of days ago. Madonna took Rocco and her daughter Lourdes to the Broadway play Sleep No More. The family were spotted wearing some bizarre masks in order to hide their identity, which clearly did not work.

Along with spending time with his mom, Rocco Ritchie also took some time for a coffee break with his pals on Tuesday. According to People, he and his friends were seen grabbing a cup of joe near his famous mother’s Manhattan apartment.

Although this marks the first time that Rocco has been back in the United States since last year, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the custody battle between Madonna and Guy Ritchie has ended. Page Six reports that even though the ex-spouses are close to reaching an agreement, nothing has been finalized yet.

The recent sightings of Madonna’s son and a postponed court hearing are good indications that this drama between Ritchie and the material girl singer is coming to a close. Peter Bronstein, an attorney for Madonna, told Page Six that a new family court hearing was scheduled for June 14 and that he is hopefully any remaining issues will be settled by that date. Bronstein also shared that Rocco’s recent visit to the Big Apple to see his mom was not part of the settlement but was worked out among the family.

It looks like the custody battle between Guy Ritchie and Madonna over their son Rocco is not over yet. However, it does appear that the family is close to an agreement and to hopefully put all this drama behind them.

In case you are unaware of what exactly has been going down between Madonna and her ex-husband, the two have been in court fighting over their only child together. Last December, Rocco refused to return to the United States, opting to stay in London with his father. That did not sit well with the singer, who filed court papers in both New York and London demanding the return of her underaged child.

The custody battle quickly got heated as all parties, including Rocco, hired lawyers. The teenager has remained in London since the beginning of the battle. However, both the London courts and the New York courts agreed it would be best if all parties involved could come to some sort of amicable agreement. If recent reports are accurate, then it would appear that Madonna and Ritchie listened.

Rocco Ritchie has been the center of a very heated custody battle between his parents, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, since he chose to stay in London last year. The drama has thrust him into a spotlight that both of his parents have tried to shield him from, despite his mother’s mega star status. Their desire to keep their son out of the limelight could very well be one of the reasons the former couple has decided to reach a settlement.

As for why Rocco wanted to live in London with his dad, that reason remains unclear. There is speculation that he misses his friends in London and that he prefers his father’s parenting style to his mothers. Although he has not specifically given a reason, TMZ reported last winter that Madonna’s son was fed up with her. Again, until you hear from the teen or his parents, everything else is pure speculation.

Whatever the reason behind why Rocco Ritchie ended up the center of a custody battle involving Madonna and Guy Ritchie, it looks like the family is on the mend. What do you think about the recent drama surrounding this famous family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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