TiVo Stream Box Arriving September 6, Will Cost $129

TiVo will officially start shipping the TiVo Stream Box on September 6 and users can pick up the Stream transcoder for just $129.

If you are unfamiliar with the Stream Box it is a device that allows users to send live or recorded programming from TiVo Premiere-series DVRs to their iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

The Stream Box must be connected to your home network to work and TiVo claims that it is the first streaming box that can send streams to four mobile devices without affecting the TV stream.

In the meantime TiVo has promised that Android device support is on the way and will arrive in the “near future” although no definitive date has been given at this time.

To watch shows outside the home network’s range users simply download them to their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch instead of watching the content live. TiVo claims a one-hour show takes 15 minutes to download under perfect network conditions. Because the shows are downloaded to the users device they can be watched offline, making the system perfect for travelers who want to keep up with their favorite series.

Shows playback in a TiVo app for consistency and for users who don’t necessarily care about high-definition playback the system allows for two download size choices.

The mobile app is free to download which means the $129 cost is all that will be incurred by the TiVo Stream Box user if they already own a TiVo Premiere-series DVR.

Do you plan on picking up the TiVo Stream Box when it arrives?