Heidi Klum And Seal: Divorce Proceedings Get Ugly

Heidi Klum and Seal should take a page out of the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes playbook regarding celebrity divorce. Though proceedings started off generally drama free, reports say that the split is getting ugly.

Reports are rolling in that Seal contested Heidi twice: First, he fought her primary physical custody request (he wants equal time with the couple’s kids), and then he alleged that she was mistaken when she said that no joint assets needed to be divided. Though they are both huge celebrities, there is actually quite a large difference in their fortunes. According to Celebrity Net Worth Seal is worth $15 million while Heidi trounces his paycheck with a whopping $70 million net worth. Seal’s qualms have apparently caught the ire of Heidi, reports RadarOnline.

Heidi’s biggest complaint against Seal is that he used pictures of their children in an ad campaign for a Leica digital camera, without asking her for permission.

“Heidi felt that the children had gone through enough since their parents split, and she didn’t want their private moments out there for the world to see,” said an insider. “But Seal maintained he had every right to use his personal photos — and, moreover, that it was a done deal and out of his hands.”

Heidi’s lawyer demanded that Leica take the photos down, and they did within days.

“Heidi isn’t trying to cause trouble,” said the source, who revealed that Heidi takes great pains to keep her children out of the spotlight. “She’s just trying to protect her brood. Since she filed for divorce from Seal, he’s been out with more than one young woman, whereas Heidi hasn’t dated at all.”

Though reports have linked Heidi to Germany’s Next Top Model executive Thomas Hayo, she has denied that she is in a relationship with him.

“She’s not interested in beginning another relationship right now. Her primary goal is getting the kids through the divorce and making sure they are healthy and happy,” the source said.