NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Trading Derrick Rose To Philadelphia 76ers For Nerlens Noel

The current NBA season isn't even over, and there have been a ton of rumors regarding the possible trade of Derrick Rose. Many think it would be in the best interest of the Chicago Bulls to finally part ways with Rose by getting someone younger and healthier in return for him. One of the latest possibilities is that the Philadelphia 76ers, who are now wanting to trade away Nerlens Noel, may end up making a good swap with the Bulls.

Virtually everyone believes that the Derrick Rose era in Chicago is done, and both sides need to move on for their own good. Rose's numbers have gone down in recent years, and it's obviously due to the numerous injuries that have kept him off the court way too much.

Chicago may not have said anything yet, but there is little doubt that they will start fielding trade offers for Rose. They may not want to wait for the phone calls, though, as some teams may already receive offers that are too hard to pass up, and that includes the Philadelphia 76ers.

Last week, the 76ers revealed that they are going to start taking phone calls with trade offers for Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor. One or the other won't be in Philly next season, and it makes sense since the team has yet another high draft pick in June, and it's time to part ways with one of too many of the same type of player.

nba trade rumors chicago bulls nerlens noel philadelphia 76ers derrick rose
[Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]Yibida is reporting that the latest speculation is a trade that would see Derrick Rose in Philadelphia next season and Nerlens Noel in Chicago. There are some more pieces to this trade, but it all seems like something that would work out well for both teams.

In the proposed trade, the 76ers would receive Rose, Mike Dunleavy, Taj Gibson, and the number 14 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. In return, the Bulls would end up receiving just Nerlens Noel, and this is something that a lot of people are doubting as balanced, but it could work out.

This would lead to the Bulls freeing up around $30 million cap space and allow them to be major players in free agency this summer. Noel would also strengthen the Bulls' defense instantly and become a dominating force in the middle of the lane.

nba trade rumors chicago bulls nerlens noel philadelphia 76ers derrick rose
[Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images]Philadelphia would not only getting the starting point guard they've been looking for, but Dunleavy and Gibson would instantly add veteran leadership to a young squad. With the No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft, the 76ers would then add Benjamin Simmons or Brandon Ingram and possibly turn into playoff contenders right away.

Chicago Now is saying that this is the time for the Bulls to just pull the trade and let Jimmy Butler take total ownership of the team. Many fans are just totally disgusted with the moves that Gar Gorman and John Paxson have made in recent years, and it's time to make a good one that will get them back in the city's good graces.

Derrick Rose may be a hometown guy who has a lot of fans, but the Bulls need to win and be competitive in the Eastern Conference again. Adding Nerlens Noel via trade and making some big free agent signings could do just that in Chicago.

There is truly no confirmation that Derrick Rose is going anywhere, as he may very well play for the Chicago Bulls next year. The Philadelphia 76ers are ready to part ways with either Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor, and the Bulls may be exactly who they are looking for. A trade that would swap Noel and Rose would give both players a fresh start, and both teams would get talents that would improve their teams in different ways.

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